a reminder from my heart to yours

A friend of mine was sitting in a coffee shop when a stranger walked up, tapped her on the shoulder and simply said:

“I read everything you write on Instagram. You’ve helped me a lot. Thank you.” 

Just by being herself, my friend made a difference in a stranger’s life.

And even if you’re not posting your inner thoughts on social media, and even if strangers aren’t recognizing you in coffee shops, I know that you’re doing that, too. 

I’m certain that in the past 24 hours, you’ve been a difference-maker in someone’s life.

You looked your barista or restaurant server in the eye and they felt truly seen.

You taught your kids a profound lesson about living with compassion (even if you thought they didn’t notice!).

A colleague struggling with depression had their brightest moment of the day when you complimented their work.

Even without much effort or planning, you’re making a difference in someone’s life (more than one someones).

Just by being honest. Just by sharing your feelings and observations. Just by being you.

Your example is motivating someone.
Your growth is inspiring others to grow.
Your love is touching someone’s heart.