Bios are strange beasts.
I mean, what’s important? Where does one begin?

Name? (hi! my name is Gemma Stone).

Birth place? (It’s a fun story that begins on an island, leads into an emergency ferry being dispatched, and ends with my mom snatching me out of the nursery and discharging herself from the hospital … oh, in Powell River, on the Sunshine Coast).

Astrology? (Sun in Aries. Moon in Taurus. Apparently, my chart looks a lot like Anthony Bourdain’s).

Perhaps, since I’m a psychology expert, it would be appropriate to lead with my legit, and not so legit, psychometrics? (Myers Briggs = INFJ | Enneagram = 2 wing 3 | Kolby = 4-2-9-3 | True Colours = orange | IQ = 118 | EQ = 143 | Love Language = physical touch + quality time | Spirit Animals = Wolf + Golden Eagle).

Or, maybe I should have started with the easy-to-understand professional titles (psychologist, consultant, speaker, author)? While I’m at it, I could share titles my clients have given me, like ‘therapist’s therapist’ or ‘shrink for entrepreneurs.’

It feels weird to try and impress you with my achievements and credentials (a former university professor, TEDx speaker, curious neuroscientist with a few degrees in psychology and a generous handful of post-graduate trainings).

I suppose I could offer up what I ‘do’ (facilitate weekend immersions in the Rocky Mountains, consult with entrepreneurs, facilitate at organizations, teach at colleges, speak at conferences, and host international retreats)?

Alexandra FranzenAnyone who has a chance to bask in Gemma’s presence — for an hour, a day, or a 4-day retreat — is damn lucky. Alexandra Franzen

But really, I just want to get human with you.

What makes my eyes spark up with Joy is being a mama to two bright Suns, adventuring the world, and being madly in love with life. I am a truth-seeking, eternally curious introvert who loves nothing more than a stack of semi-read books on my bedside table. 

I have a deep passion (some could call it obsession) with helping good humans use the science of psychology to navigate hard times, build emotional intelligence, strengthen resilience so they can fall madly in love with their lives.

Every year I raise awareness and money for a cause that’s close to my heart – providing clean water to 7 billion humans. So far, we’ve helped to bring clean water to 1307 people in Ethiopia, Uganda, Mali, and Nepal. We still have a long way to go, but every drop counts.

Dave UrsilloBehind Gemma’s loving kindness is an entire universe that’s at work: a level of profundity, depth, quick-and-honest intuition, incredible intelligence and unwavering assurance that is intricately maneuvering a billion-piece puzzle of psychology and emotion, spirituality and intricacies of language. Dave Ursillo

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ri Dunlop for Gemma StoneFrom transforming fear to love and pain to peace, Gemma is not only an impassioned therapist but an inspired alchemist.

She lovingly holds the space for hope and your healing. Her own story provided real-life ‘plot points’ that were pivotal as she learned first-hand to not only transcend but to triumph over some of life’s darkest moments and craziest curve balls.

If you are like me and believe that there is no better person qualified to show you the way out, through or around, than someone who has ‘been there and done that’, then Gemma Stone is your guiding light. Kari Dunlop