what’s your protocol?

how to get unstuck when you are struggling Something caught up with me today.Maybe it was too many late nights.Or too much chocolate.Or coffee. It could have been the rabbit hole of social divisiveness I got caught up in yesterday.Or my 2,000+ task list I’ve been laser-focused on this week. I’m not sure what it […]

10 ways to recover from burnout

here’s what I did Last week I shared about how I was teetering on the edge of burnout.A generous handful of you reached out and shared, “me too, tell me more!” The frequent pivots and ever-present uncertainty we’ve all experienced in the last eighteenish months has caused an unusual amount of emotional stress and made […]

Burnout? I was almost there.

Here’s what I did Recently, I was on the edge of burnout.  Did you feel it too?  Overwhelmed. Exhausted.  It was harder to cope with stress.  The joy was sapped out of life.  Anyone who’s continually exposed to high levels of stress can experience burnout.  And, I mean, who doesn’t that apply to over the […]

how to navigate uncertainty

and face the unknown The world feels less predictable than it did eighteen months ago. We have faced many unknowns.Uncertainty has become the new normal.Fear of the unknown is a fundamental fear that fuels all other fears. Not knowing can be hard.Having to wait can be worrisome. Can you recall a time when you were […]

how to find your joy

and shed fear-based living When you are connected to your essence, to the energy of life, a deep joy and irreverent playfulness bubbles to the surface.  Smiles come easily. Laughter flows freely.  I recognize this place in myself when I feel care bear stares (remember those?) coming out of my eyes.  For all the reasons, it’s […]

I really needed to hear this …

One of my role models, Mister Rogers – from Mister Rogers Neighbourhood – used to tell kids “you are special” and “I am proud of you”. When his red sweater filled my eyes, I felt like everything was going to be okay.  I think, sometimes, we all need someone to tell us “you are special” […]

why I didn’t listen to my therapist

Anytime my therapist told me to journal, I rebelled. I didn’t do it.  I used to tell myself, “I only want to write something if it will be useful to others.” I couldn’t see how scribbling without intention would help me create something useful for you.   Over the last six months, I’ve been changing my […]

5 questions to ask someone you love

I was speaking to a client the other night who reflected, “for every couple that deepened into their relationship during the pandemic, eight couples disintegrated.”  I don’t have the stats to back this up, but I’ve observed something similar in my personal and professional life.  For many, the pandemic was a time of interpersonal turmoil. […]

who have you become?

Following this time of profound change, constant pivots, loss of freedom, trauma, grief, fear, and uncertainty, it’s important to reflect on who we have become. I know who I was pre-pandemic is very different than who I am now. May is Mental Health Month and one way we can care for our mental health is […]

how will you rise from this time?

As I emerge from my birthday season (a month of deep reflection and transformation – more on that soon), I’ve been thinking about how we will all rise from this time. What will it be like for us to emerge from pandemic life? Every crisis I have encountered in my life has been a turning […]

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