try this worthiness exercise

When we understand how something works, we’re in a better position to heal, grow, and learn its lessons. So since my last post about worthiness seems to have struck a chord, here’s a worthiness-building exercise to try: Step One: Think of something you want to experience, but you’ve been doubting whether you’re really capable of […]

if you’re self-sabotaging

Why do we sabotage ourselves? What makes us choose self-defeating behaviors that directly contradict our values and greatest desires? There are a few reasons, but I’ve noticed that a lot of us tend to resist accepting one specific explanation for self-sabotage: a lack of worthiness. Does this sound like a strange connection?  Here’s how self-sabotage […]

a special kind of love story

Are you in need of a potentially eye watering, good ol’ fashioned inspirational story? Because I have one!  It starts in my living room. I like to deep clean my home a couple times a month, which requires a significant chunk of effort and time. In 2020, I decided to take that task off my […]

how to stop being afraid of disappointment

The fear of disappointment is the expectation you will not get what you want. Fear of disappointment is one particularly tragic form of self-sabotage. Here’s why it’s tragic: what we expect, we tend to create. If you believe you will not get what you want, your mind subconsciously chooses actions that are in alignment with […]

three questions to overcome self-sabotage

How’s your heart this week?Mine has been aching a little. I want to share my truth, and my process with you, in case you’re struggling too. In 2020, I became aware of a life-long emotional addiction {one of twenty different forms of self-sabotage}. Do you ever feel like you’re sabotaging yourself? Has it ever felt […]

read this when you are navigating change

Change is hard.So is staying the same. When we are facing change, we have a choice: Will we choose to build new habits or strengthen old ones?Will we choose what we value or what we fear?Will we choose to be intentional or automatic?Will we choose to be proactive or reactive?Will we choose boundaries or resentment? […]

i changed my mind

At the end of 2020, I ran a free three-day Life Design workshop for our community, based on my book. A collection of 100 Good Humans gathered to reflect on what happened in 2020, who they became, what was hard that needed healing, and what was good that needed celebrating. Together, we reflected, released and […]

read this when you are feeling burnt out

Earlier this year, I forgot my power.It’s understandable, I mean … 2020. It was one of those things I didn’t notice at first, a slow leak that quietly caused my power to seep away until I was completely flat. My eyes lost their shine.I was less present with the Suns.I stopped breaking out into song […]

eight practices for coping during challenging times

Let’s take a big belly breath together, shall we? The pulse of anxiety on the planet feels palpable these days. I am obsessed with how tragedy can turn us onto our truest selves, how it helps us live a life we love and clarifies how we want to add love to the world.   Regardless of […]

why ‘hurt people, hurt people’ isn’t enough

This is a wild time for relationships. I’ve been helping my clients navigate intense friendships, crumbling business alliances, spicy romantic partnerships, parenting snafus, aggressive run-ins with strangers and everything in between. It makes sense that the most complex aspect of being human is getting stirred up right now. Because we are living in a field […]

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