what’s the secret to living a great life?

I’m often asked, what’s the secret to living a great life? I don’t think there’s one secret, I think there are many. And, what works for one person won’t work for another. This adventure called life is all about finding your own way into the life you love. But, I do have a few general […]

seven ways to deal with pain and change

A few months ago my life changed in a surprising way. The news travelled through the air, into my ear canal and down my spine with a chill that left me breathless. The axis of my world cracked and broke. In that moment, everything changed. Change isn’t always this encompassing, but sometimes it is. Whether […]

35 lines for my 35th year

To wrap my 32nd year, I wrote 32 lines. Then I did it again for my 33rd year. And, predictably, 34 lines last year. Here are 35 lines to wrap up my 35th year. There are a lot of ways to add love to the world. And there is lots of love in the world. When I […]

the truth about kindess

I found myself torn between two things that deeply matter to me – telling the truth and being kind. Truth and Kindness are at the tip top of my list of values, right after Freedom and Love. It was a dilemma, the sort that induces a panic attack. As first, I tried to take care […]

you design your life every time you make a decision

On the Great Life Tour I am redesigning daily. I spontaneously hopped onto Facebook Live to share a few true reflections about what the journey has been like so far. We design our lives every time we make a decision.  The first step in designing your great life is to acknowledge where things don’t feel the way […]

let the revolution begin

Great Life  live a life you love :: add love to the world Revolution  a radical change in the status quo Let the revolution begin. Please don’t wait. … until you have healed your past before you let love in. … until you have a six-figure income before you give back. … until you feel more confident before […]

how to pick a word for the year or what Intimacy means to me

Part of living a great life, for me, is being free to love deeply. Most of the time, I feel limitless in my capacity to love. But, there are times when I can feel a hardness creep into my heart. A stiffening, a resisting, a denying, a shrinking. I know why it comes – to […]

how to live a life you love

An unhealthy ego will build your dream life on the shaky pillars of who you should be, what you should have, and what your life should look like. When unhealthy ego is in control of the design of your life, you can recklessly charge into goals and pursue them at all costs – even if […]

you are the leader of your life, lead with love

Over the last few weeks, I’ve watched the stream of fear, disbelief, anxiety, rage, and division flying through my social feeds. No matter where you call home, we are all connected and everyone I know feels the tension in our world. Here are the jumbled thoughts that have been tumbling about in my heart and mind […]

192 ways to add love to the world

When I scan through social feeds and news stories I see plenty of reasons to feel hopeless and hardened. But, when we go cold and hard, we are like ice. Easily shattered. Some days, it seems like there’s a never-ending stream of suffering, struggle, injustice, fury, and despair that wants to wash over us. There […]

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