change your self-talk, change your life

are you coming?

Hello Love,

How’s your self-talk these days?

Is it tender and kind?

Critical and fearful?

The way we speak to ourselves changes everything.

How we work, relate, lead, think, parent, play, rest, feel. 


It’s a filter we see the world through.

It’s a form of self-care (or self-destruction).

Your inner dialogue goes deeper than giving yourself a pat on the back when you’re at your best, when you’ve worked hard and it paid off.

What about when your shadow shows itself?

When you lied. When you reacted. When you cheated.

Can you access your lovability then too?

What about when you’re shattered? 

By heartbreak, loss or uncertainty.

Can you find compassion for yourself in those moments as well?

Or, do you have a harsh inner critic? 

One that doubts your ability, judges your action, critiques your body, diminishes your accomplishments, and questions your worth. It depletes energy, drains joy, and diminishes mental health.

If you have a habit of being harsh with yourself, you must know you’re not alone. 

The voice of fear is one we all have. 

It’s trying to help us, but ultimately, it hurts us.

We know that stress from negativity shrinks the brain and lowers immunity and damages relationships.

I know it’s not always easy to reframe self-talk.

But I promise, with practice you can do it.

When you catch the fear-voice saying something like “I should be farther ahead, I’m not where I’m supposed to be” find a loving reframe like “I trust my timing, I’ve got this.”

Set aside an hour a day, to be intentional with your self-talk. For that hour, be exquisitely aware of your inner dialogue and intentionally flip the script from fear to love.

Every time you choose Loving Self-Talk, you’re training your brain to find the neural pathway of compassion over criticism. 

As you expand the integrity of the love you give yourself, it ripples out into the world.  

You are building your mental muscle of Love for you … and for us.