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weekend intensives

There are puh-lenty of workshops and events on the scene. Some are rah-rah, some are bursting with star-power gurus, others are swarming with great networking opportunities. Most are inspiring—if you bring the right mindset.

But, some events are a tad different. More intimate. Softer. Flowing with deep meaningful connections and wholehearted exploration.

The weekend intensives are one of those rare gems—a chance to rest, reflect, uncover ideas, find answers, tap into knowing, and create a meaningful change.

Within us is the ability to design our lives the way we want them to be. Sometimes we get off course and end up with a life that feels draining and not quite right.

During our 2 ½ days together, we gather in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and dive into a specific topic {building healthy boundaries, developing resilience, inner child healing, overcoming people pleasing, claiming worthiness, or building confidence}.

You’ll dig deep, figure out what matters and uncover what’s holding you back. When you return to your life it will be with the ability to release what’s holding you back and the freedom to live a life you love.

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is a weekend intensive for me?

Yes, if you …

  1. want to live a great life
  2. want to change something about your life
  3. are open to exploring and reflecting
  4. are ready to discover your own truths
  5. are interested in how the psychology of change can make your life better
  6. want to belong to a community of supportive, loving, like-minded people

No, if you …

  1. do not wish to meet others who are experiencing something similar
  2. if you are looking for a private therapy experience
  3. feel that there is nothing you’d like to change in your life
  4. are not interested in investing time, money, and energy in yourself
  5. want an expert to tell you what you “should” be doing