follow your truth

even if it’s scary

Sometimes, following your truth feels scary.

Especially, when other people don’t understand it (or like it).

Especially, if no one ever gave you permission to trust your truth.

Especially, if self-validation is something you haven’t had the space to cultivate.

The fear of rejection is a distortion that’s embedded in the idea that we exist to please others (pro tip: we don’t).

This doesn’t mean we take the lonely road of independence (I’ve tried this and highly recommend finding another way).

It’s an invitation into interdependence.

The most fulfilling connections are found at the crossroads of authenticity and attachment – where there is room for your heart and for theirs. On this land, you’ll find liberated love.

You’ll discover the sovereignty to be as bright and expansive as your soul wants to be, to embody the wholeness of who you are (of course, there is space for them to do the same).

As you’re searching for this place, the heart and mind may disagree about what’s true.

But, the body knows.

When you settle into the truth in your body, something interesting happens.

That trigger? Feels a little less activating.

That edge? Doesn’t feel quite so intimidating.

That limitation? Seems a little more expansive.

That discomfort? It’s a little easier to breathe through.

With each embodied choice you make that’s aligned with the life you love, you broaden your capacity and you strengthen your resilience.

When you honor your ‘yes’, your ‘no’, and your ‘I don’t know’, your intuition speaks a little louder.

When you anchor into what’s needed to live in integrity with yourself, the people who can meet you there show up.

When you honor your inner knowing, you deepen the well of self-trust and discover the comfort of coming home to yourself.