my great life

Let this be the year you move through fear, align with your soul, and design a life you love. 

A life with …

… less fear and more love
… less doubt and more trust
… less stress and more peace
… less insecurity and more confidence
… less self-sabotage and more self-care


Life is busy. There are real world demands pulling at you – a tight budget, a demanding schedule, an endless to-do list, people who rely on you.

Living a life you love is not about glossing over what is real and challenging, it’s about building a life that is authentically you and aligned with what deeply matters.

Jeanne LefevreGemma is the real deal, so genuine and compassionate, knowing when to listen and knowing and saying what I need to hear when I need to hear something. Jeanne Lefevre

what is it?


  1. A nine-module exploration into yourself and the life you love.
  2. Completely online. You will have instant access to all modules and you can work through them at your own pace.
  3. Part inner work. You’ll explore your inner world, process fear, work through self-sabotage, find clarity, and connect with your soul.
  4. Part practical training. You’ll learn skills to have courageous conversations, establish healthy boundaries, and create habits to support lasting change.
  5. Optional one-on-one personalized support. If you’d prefer to fly through this process solo, you’re welcome to. If you’d like me to be your copilot, I’m here to support you.

what’s included?


If you are a SOLO FLYER you’ll receive,

9 great life lessons available immediately. These lessons are packed with practical perspectives and processes. You’ll find video lessons where I jam on the concepts, PDFs to help you apply the practices to your life, and soothing audios to reinforce the processes.

A digital copy of my book Your Great Life: a soulful and strategic guide to designing a life you love.

If I am your COPILOT you’ll receive everything listed above plus,

A 2.5 hour deep dive personalized one-on-one session where we will focusing on aligning the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious levels of  your mind to support you in living a live you love.

11 monthly sessions  where I’ll be by your side to help you design soulful strategies, navigate challenges and support you to stay on track with your great life dreams and goals.

BONUS for 2017 only! I’m currently on a North American Great Life Tour. When I roll through a city near you I’ll take you out for lunch and we’ll jam on your great life in person.

how do I register?


Solo Flyer 1 time payment of $250 US

Copilot 12 monthly payments of $250 US per month

If you are signing up for the copilot program, please click the link above to make your first payment and gain instant access to the program. Then, email me so we can make arrangements to dive in together.

Tanya Cole Lesnick

Gemma is full of love, compassion, empathy, and is unbelievably smart. She has an ability to take very complex ideas and make them instantly understandable. Tanya Cole Lesnick

what will I get out of it?


While there are no guarantees in this program {or in life}, here are some results from people who have designed their great lives.

  • Publish a book
  • Disengage with drama
  • Ask for a raise and get it
  • Feel more confident and secure
  • Access inner wisdom and trust it
  • End unhealthy or toxic relationships
  • Successfully pursue more fulfilling work
  • Change self-criticism into self-compassion
  • Start a dream business and quickly grow it
  • Move out of stagnation and into soulful action
  • Experience less need for approval and fear of rejection
  • Lose 50 pounds {as a result of self-love, not self-loathing}
  • Have courageous conversations about what really matters
  • Gain freedom from unhelpful stories and rewrite limiting beliefs
  • Live with more love, joy, freedom, creativity, focus, and fulfillment
  • Connect with like-minded people who become a powerful support system
  • Establish healthy rituals that add time, money, energy, and focus to your day
  • Stop feeling not good enough {or not pretty, smart, skinny, rich, young, old, educated enough}

Alexandra FranzenAnyone who has a chance to bask in Gemma’s presence — for an hour, a day, or a 4-day retreat — is damn lucky. Alexandra Franzen

this program is for you if … 


… life is changing. You might be beginning a new project, ending a relationship, having kids leave home, starting new work, moving to a new place.

… you feel lost. Your job is boring, your relationship is unfulfilling, or your roles are draining.

… you feel like you are living someone else’s life – your parents, your partner’s, your friends. Not yours.

… you wonder what went wrong? Where did I lose myself? How did I get so off track?

… you know what you want, but you get distracted by the needs and the demands of everyone else.

… you’re afraid of making a change because you might be criticized, judged, or rejected.

… you feel like the life you are living is too small, maybe it fit you ten years ago, but it just doesn’t fit anymore.

… you distract, numb, or avoid living a life you love {with drama, shopping, drinking, eating, reality TV or procrastination}

Of course, your life isn’t always a struggle.

Sometimes you feel connected to your true self, you make decisions that are aligned with your values, your boundaries are healthy, you know you are good enough, and you love your life. You enjoy these moments and you want more of them.

Lissa MarkwardtStraight from an open heart, Gemma shared the love she saw in me right back like an illuminating mirror. This kind of love allowed me to see and feel it within myself so I could hold it and move forward with it. Lissa Markwardt

this program is not for you if …


… you are struggling with a mental health disorder and you are not seeing a mental health professional. This program does not replace professional one-on-one support.

… you want someone to tell you what to do. I’ll offer perspectives and processes to help you find clarity, but I won’t tell you how to live your life.

… you don’t want to invest time, money, or energy into living a life you love.

why should I join My Great Life?


Here’s why people choose to invest their time and energy into the program.

  • “I’m ready to live on my own terms”
  • “My life is good, but I want it to be great”
  • “I’m craving a community I can learn and grow with”
  • “I think my life would be a whole lot better if I loved it”
  • “I’ve been sabotaging myself for too long. Enough is enough.”
  • “I want to do work I love, but I need to get through my fear first”
  • “I feel like I’m living someone else’s life and I’m ready to live my life”
  • “My relationship is ending and I want to emerge from it living a life I love”
  • “I want to make a positive difference in the world. I want to have an impact”
  • “I know it’s time to make changes in my life, but I don’t know what the next steps are”

TracyGemma has a natural ability to connect and quickly develop a sense of trust, rapport and respect. She is always learning new information and strategies to address the needs of the people she serves. Tracey Whiteside



I’ve designed courses for multiple colleges and universities and I’ve learned the science of effective course design.

I’ve infused this program with everything I know about how to create learning experiences that are easeful, impactful, and meaningful.

Here’s how we roll.

Creating Your New World – how to identify and trust the calling of your soul.

Calming Fear – simple tools to move through fear and let love lead the way. No more feeling like a prisoner to fear.

Letting Go – processing for letting go of what is no longer serving you and making space what you most want.

Aligning With Values and Harnessing True Freedom – get clear on what you value and how to build your life based on your values. Processes for moving away from the need for approval and fear of rejection.

Momentum – connecting with and trusting your inner wisdom. A framework to get moving on what matters most.

Sacred Yes and Honoring No – scripts and tools for establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Courageous Conversations – a roadmap for navigating difficult conversations and negotiating conflict.

Cultivating Confidence – essential strategies for eliminating self-doubt, deepening self-trust, and growing self-compassion.

Spread Love – ideas, inspiration, and practices for adding to the love in the world.

The program materials will always be available to you so you can return to them again and again.

Dave UrsilloBehind Gemma’s loving kindness is an entire universe that’s at work: a level of profundity, depth, quick-and-honest intuition, incredible intelligence and unwavering assurance that is intricately maneuvering a billion-piece puzzle of psychology and emotion, spirituality and intricacies of language. Dave Ursillo

about me


I bring to you two degrees in psychology, a handful of professional certificates, and a decade of experience helping thousands of people move through psychological barriers and into a life they love.


I’ve been there. I’ve lived a life that was full of struggling, suffering, darkness, and difficulty.

Self-sabotage was my comfort zone.

I hated myself and my life {harsh, I know, but it was true}.

I was on multiple medications to manage my depression, anxiety, and panic attacks I often wondered what is the point? Is this all there is?

I felted trapped in my work, stifled in my relationships, and desperately wanted to escape my life.

Once I edged out of the darkness I slipped into overwhelm. I tried my best to juggle all my roles and expectations, but I felt like I was failing. At everything.

I devoted myself to finding a way out – I read a book a week for ten years and earned multiple degrees in psychology. I tested thousands of techniques. I found a whole bunch of things that didn’t work and a few things that did.

My life isn’t perfect now. There are still challenges, I find myself slipping up from time to time. But, life is pretty great most of the time.

Here’s what my life looks like now,

  • love lights the way instead of fear keeping me in the dark
  • most days, my life is full of creativity, flow, and inspiration
  • I drink less alcohol, eat less crappy food, spend less money on meaningless things
  • when life gets off-track I know how to find my way back to myself and I do
  • I’m no longer ruled by people-pleasing, self-doubt, comparison, competition, and self-criticism

Of course, I’m still growing. Living a life you love is always a work in progress. But, I’m happy to say I’ve left fearful living behind and I’ve designed a life that is aligned with my true self.

I’m living a life I love and doing my best to add love to the world everyday.

Now, I want to help you design a life you love and give you soulful strategies so you can live it.

why did I create this program?


Once I found my way out of a life of darkness and despair, I began working with others. In the last decade I’ve worked with thousands of brilliant people who were struggling  – with fear, anxiety, depression, feeling not good enough, self-sabotage, procrastination, and feeling unfulfilled.

The more I worked with my clients the most apparent it became that many of the symptoms came because they were not living a life they loved.

It wasn’t that they were not living a life they loved because they were self-sabotaging. They were self-sabotaging because they weren’t living a life they loved.

It wasn’t that they were not living a life they loved because they felt depressed. They felt depressed because they weren’t living a life they loved.

It wasn’t that they were not living a life they loved because they felt anxious. They felt anxious because they weren’t living a life they loved.

You get the picture.

I worked hard to help them overcome the symptoms, but what was needed was to go to the root of the problem.

I dove deep into the psychology of soulful change to find out why people get stuck in a life they don’t love and how to help them find their way out. This program was born from the answers I found.

My deepest wish is that I can support you in living a life you love.

frequently asked questions


how is the course delivered?

There are nine lessons available instantly. One you register, you will receive a login link so you can dive in right away. Within each lesson you’ll receive a video where I talk about the concept, a PDF transcript with reflection questions and space for integrating the concepts, and an audio meditation to reinforce the concepts.

how long will it take to go through the lessons?

It will take approximately 90 minutes to work through the lesson. There are also brief daily integration assignments that will take about five minutes per day.

does online learning really work?

Oh my goodness, I feel your uncertainty. In the past, I struggled with online learning. I have bought dozens of programs and almost all of them are remain unopened. For this reason, it took me years to develop this program. One of my greatest desires is to be useful and a unopened program is of no use. In order to make sure this program is as useful as possible I’ve created content that works for all different styles of learning and is easy to access.

This program will be delivered to you via video, audio, written word, and interactive exercises. We accommodate all learning styles so that you can digest the information in a way that works for you.

If you know that you do better when you are supported, I would suggest choosing the copilot program so I can be by your side for personalized support.

what if my life gets busy or I change my mind, what’s your refund policy?

First, all the materials are yours forever. You can use them anytime you wish and return to them as much as you’d like.

By the end of the program, if you’ve completed all the practices and you feel the program didn’t work for you I offer a mentoring back guarantee — where we’ll explore the blocks together in a one-on-one mentoring session {1 hours / value of $250}.

will this program really help me change my life?

I can’t know for sure if you will change your life.

What I do know is this …

I have spent ten years and thousands of hours teaching, mentoring, researching, and developing these concepts and tools. And, I have boxes of snail mail letters and countless emails from people who are more in love with their life as a result of these ideas and processes. These words tell the stories of past participants who are more fulfilled, joyful, content, courageous, energetic, healthy, creative and less stress, depressed, anxious, discontent, and overwhelmed after designing their great lives.

I’ve been to the Great Life Redesign retreat before, will this content be the same?

I created entirely new content for My Great Life. This program is a compliment to any work you may have done with me in the past either at events or during private one-on-one sessions.

I don’t know what the life I love looks like, should I still sign up?

Yes! In the program you will work through processes to help you find your clarity and connect with the life you most want to live.

I feel uncertain and scared about signing up, what should I do?

You’re not alone.

The unfamiliar can be unnerving. The unknown can be intimidating.

There’s no doubt about it, change can be scary. There’s been times in my life when I’ve needed to make a change and I’ve talked myself into putting it off for just a few more months.

In the program, you will work through fear and uncertainty. For right now, can you put them on hold and tune into what your heart desires and what your soul yearns for? Fear can be there, but it doesn’t need to be in charge. Let your soul, your dreams, your hopes, and your desires make the decision.