healthy habits during a pandemic

There’s so much we can’t control.
Sometimes, things happen despite our best efforts for them not to.

We can’t do everything right. A pandemic is no time for perfection.
But, we can do what we can do to keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

When we focus on what we can control, we do better.

Before we begin … Your body is beautifully complex. Most of my training is about how to keep your mind healthy. Please consult with whoever is trained in how keep your body healthy, before you make any changes.

Most of all, trust yourself.
You know your mind and body better than any of us.


Sleep helps your body stay healthy and your mind stay sane. Create a healthy sleep routine by powering off screens three hours before bed, going to sleep and waking up at roughly the same time, making your bedroom a device-free zone. Nap if you need to.


Drink two liters {or more} of water every day. It’s easy to do and easy to forget to do. You can also stay hydrated by turning up your humidifier. By hydrating, you’re helping your immune system stay strong and allowing your body’s natural defensive mechanisms keep the virus out.  

I’ve had a pot of Reishi and Snow Lotus simmering on the stove permanently for the past three weeks and been sipping it throughout the day, it’s been divine.


Your body was made to move and, amazingly, your movement keeps inflammation down, boosts your immune system, keeps chronic diseases away, reduces the release of stress hormones, and keeps the white blood cells dancing around your system. Go for a walk {safely}, do some burpees with your buddies {virtually}, invite your kids to a kitchen dance party.


It’s redundant, so I’ll be brief.

Wash your hands. Lots. When you go to get groceries, use hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes if touching things others have touched. When you get home from the store, leave your shoes outside, wipe down your purse and cell phone with a sanitizing wipe. Take off the clothes you were wearing and wash them. Put on fresh clothes, pull out the pyjamas or dance naked {your choice}. Yay, another trip safely completed!


Take breaks throughout the day to take deep belly breaths. A few minutes of deep breathing multiple times a day slows your heart rate, allows more oxygen to enter the blood stream, reduces the release of cortisol {stress hormone} and triggers the release of endorphins {the feel good stuff}. More bonuses – deep breathing cleanses the body of toxins, helps with the absorption of nutrients, and improves immunity. Need more? Deep breathing increases energy, lowers blood pressure, improves digestion.

Breath is life, people.
Breath is life.  


Maybe sex is also life?

Orgasms also boost your white blood cell count, lowers blood pressure and heart attack risk, keeps your immune system humming, and improves sleep. It can bump up your heart rate and engage muscles {movement!}.  Touching, hugging, and physical intimacy also releases oxytocin {another feel good hormone} which boosts happiness and health.

If you’re isolated on your own or don’t have a partner, masturbation works too!


The old way of eating {living}, was dehumanizing for many of us, making us unhealthy and unhappy. Our hectic, fast-paced, stressful, and chaotic lives have been forced to slow down. We can make the most of these forced changes by tuning into our bodies and noticing what they are asking for.

When we bring mindfulness into how we eat and what we eat, we improve our mental and physical health – better digestion and hydration, more satisfaction and enjoyment, less stress and more happiness.

I’ve noticed my body wants more vitamin D and C {good for immune functioning}, more superfood elixirs, no alcohol {I barely drank at all, but now it’s zero for me}, more green vegetables and green tea {packed with anti-oxidants}, and more probiotics and prebiotics. When I cook for the Suns, our meals are extra colourful and packed with onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric and colour. Dark chocolate is still, very much, on the menu.

When we bring mindfulness to how we eat, we get to taste life itself.

What is your body asking for?


The research is pretty clear – gratitude is a powerful practice. Counting your blessings leads to a happier, healthier, and longer life.

A strong mind supports a strong body.
Focusing on the good, brings the good.
Start and end your day with gratitude.


Be intentional about reducing stress and adding joy.

Joy moves through the super highway of neurotransmitters that talk to other cells in your body. They tell them to increase dopamine and oxytocin, reduce cortisol, improve antibody response, manage the stress response, reduce heart rate and blood pressure. They also help the immune system to defend against foreign bodies and decrease pain. Research shows how joy even makes it easier for us to exercise, eat healthy, not smoke, sleep well, and meditate.

Joy helps you live a longer, happier, healthier life.  

Open your front door and try to find a bird singing, play with an animal, stand in a power pose, watch a comedy special, finding something {anything!} that makes you smile, sip your favourite tea in your favourite mug, put on an awesome playlist, read a book for fun, FaceTime a friend and play with the filters, have a physical distancing game of hopscotch on your driveway.  

You know what’s right for you, make a list of what you want to do to take good care of your mind and body.

Breathing with you, as we make it through this, together.