how to cope during times of crisis

Sometimes a crisis is a summons to reconfigure our entire lives.

Even though we are resilient creatures, we are still easily hurt.

There is purpose in pain.
Often life falls apart exactly when it needs to be rebuilt.

Our stories become burdensome and false.
Our defences become exhausting and crumble.

When we are no longer able to maintain the stories and defences that protect us, we can easily shatter.

When our lives fall apart, it’s the perfect opportunity to build something newer, truer, fuller.

If you’re moving through a life transition – the end of a relationship, dealing with loss, going through lots of change, struggling with heartache, questioning your relationship patterns, going through a change in career, or experiencing a mid-life crisis – you can use it as a catalyst for transformation.

Most of the significant problems we face in this life are complex.
No meaningful choice is without costs.

Often patience is required.
Sometimes humility is the best approach.
Wholehearted communication is a necessity.

Crisis is an invitation to explore you inner world and change your outer world for the good.

When faced with uncertainty and the unknown, toss this question around in your mind …

What will open me up to a living a bigger, fuller, and more authentic life that is grounded in love?

Usually the answer reveals itself immediately.

Then, fear sets in because we doubt whether we can handle what may be asked of us.

Whatever your answer is, do that.
You can handle it.