how to grow together as a couple

I’ve worked with couples where growth causes a gap, where change is catastrophic.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Change is inevitable in life and in relationships.

The question is not whether someone did change or will change, the question is how will you deal with the inevitability of change.

Will you stand by their side or in their way?
Will you be threatened by it or inspired by it?
Will you see the reasons to resist it or the reasons to celebrate it?

Growth doesn’t have to happen in the same way, in the same direction, at the same time. But, it should be navigated consciously.

Reflect on your own orientation to growth and explore your own experience.

How do I feel about change and growth?
Am I excited by change or am I threatened by it?
What positive experiences have I had around it?
What negative experiences have I had around it?
Does growth bring togetherness or abandonment?
Based my experiences, what’s the story I tell myself about growth?

Once you understand your inner world, share what you find with the people you love and invite them to do the same.

It’s easier to grow together, when you grow together.