three important questions

When it comes to living a life you love, having a foundation of Sovereignty is essential. 

This month, with the good humans in Love More Fear Less, we are developing our Sovereignty, so I’ve been reflecting on when I didn’t have Sovereignty in my life. 

I was lost in a painful maze of distraction, exhausted by overwhelm, spun out by anxious thoughts, trapped in not-enoughness, deflated from doubt, and grieving banished dreams.

Sovereignty was the antidote.

I chose Sovereignty to be my word for the year (2015) and spent a full year learning how to rule my world from the inside out. 

Sovereignty is about giving yourself permission to be who you want to be, to want what you want to want.

No placating or pleasing.

No backing down or shrinking.

No apologizing for your beingness.

When you are sovereign you …

… have the power to take aligned action with ease.

… make choices that nourish your abundance (in all ways).

… establish clear boundaries that support you and the life you love.

… know your body, energy, thoughts, feelings, challenges, gifts all belong to you.

… consciously engage with life in a way that aligns you with what satisfies your soul. 

Your energy is fuelled by your essence.

Your actions are aligned with your desires.

Your choices are synced up with your intentions.

Sovereignty is about having the power to choose Love over Fear. 

It’s about choosing not to be ruled by circumstance.

It’s about shaping your world to fulfill your deepest desires.

It’s about claiming your power to live life on your own terms.

Create your Sovereign foundation by exploring these three themes: 

  1. Relating to the world. 

How will you choose to pay attention to the world? 

To be in relationship with reality, aware but not overwhelmed by it. 

  1. Making sense of the world. 

How will you choose to make sense of the world?  

To perceive without allowing the filters of fear to steal your power.

  1. Affecting choice in the world. 

What will you do to create the change you desire? 

To do what you intend and take aligned action with wisdom and grace.

When you are anchored in sovereignty, you are able to be in the world (troubles and all) from a place of power, presence, and purpose.