Six days together to to redesign your life in a meaningful way, to dive into soul-searching, cocooning, and transforming.

how does it work?

We hop on the phone for a one hour call to choose our destination, align our schedules, and clarify our intentions.

Once the transformation begins we work together to shine a spotlight on hidden limiting beliefs, burdensome past experiences, unhelpful perceptions, and toxic patterns.

We dig deep into …

… breaking through the origins of perceived limitations

… leaping over heaps of stale emotions

… mending damaging thoughts

… healing past wounds

No subjects are off-limits. I know it takes courage to break your heart open. We do it with love, compassion, and tenderness.

After a few days of healing the past we move into designing your great future.

We explore new ways of being, we unearth old forgotten truths, we celebrate strengths, spark personal transformation, while mapping out a clear vision of your future. Shimmering gems of insight are recorded so you stay connected to what deeply matters in your life.

Our thoughtfully placed breaks that are designed to maximize the transformation and allow you time to enjoy your vacation.

During our breaks, you have a chance to sit in silence as you let your truth sink deeply into your being while I create a personalized program for you that will guide you through a year of transformation.

You emerge from our time together with practical steps and crystal clear clarity on how to move forward with freedom from your past, a commitment to the present, and excitement for the future.

You’re infused with a new map of practical tools, masterful strategies, and pro-active patterns to support you in living the life you want to live.

Returning to your life you feel refreshed, renewed, reenergize with a feeling of confidence, momentum, and direction.

You continue your transformation process and I offer light support throughout the year to help you stay on track.


The investment in your personalized therapeutic intensive is $10,000 CAN. Payment options are available.

It includes our time together, all materials, and light support throughout the year.

Accommodations, transportation and meals are not included.

The fee for your Transformation may be covered — in part, or in full — by your extended health care benefits.

ready to go?

Send an email to or give me a call or send me a text {403-255-0898}.

Let’s hop on the phone to make sure we’re a good fit.