read this when you are navigating change

Change is hard.
So is staying the same.

When we are facing change, we have a choice:

Will we choose to build new habits or strengthen old ones?
Will we choose what we value or what we fear?
Will we choose to be intentional or automatic?
Will we choose to be proactive or reactive?
Will we choose boundaries or resentment?

Change is an invitation to no longer operate on autopilot, to be who you’ve always been, to do what you’ve always done. It’s hard because it requires energy, effort, attention, intention, and presence.

But, staying the same is also hard.

Staying the same can keep us in a place we no longer belong, it can make us feel trapped in an identity we’ve outgrown, it can cause us to shrink, it can force us to live a life that’s no longer in alignment with who we are and how we want to live.

If we are honest with ourselves, staying the same can be harder than changing.

But, when we’ve gotten used to the way things are, sometimes, it’s difficult to see the cost of staying the same. As humans, we are highly adaptable. We can make almost any environment work for us.

We can adjust to feeling unfulfilled.
We can get used to managing resentment.
We can accommodate feeling out of alignment.  
We can become familiar with self-abandonment.

It’s easy to underestimate how hard it is to stay the same.

Instead, stay conscious by asking yourself good questions.

What’s working and what isn’t?
What habits are no longer serving you?
What relationship dynamic have you outgrown?
What value are you no longer willing to live without?

Stay the same or change – it’s hard either way, you might as well choose the hard that’s in alignment with the life you love.