six lessons from 2021

What do you long for?

Radiant love.

Clear purpose.

Generative health.

An abundance of breath.

A rock-solid sense of self.

Alignment with your soul’s aliveness.

This is the time of year when many of us reflect on what we long for and set our sights on what’s ahead (myself included).

Even though my official life design day is still seven days away, my brain and heart are already storming.

I decided to turn my 2021 life lessons into declarations I will carry with me as I enter into my life design process.

Here are the six that rose to the top:

1. I will not overwhelm myself with All. The. Goals.

2. I will refine my schedule to create spaciousness (how did everything speed up again so quickly?!).

3. I will align with something deeper than productivity and performance (time to chart my course away from the busyness that leads to burnout).

4. I will let go of perfection, forcing, controlling (none of that works anyways).

5. I will embrace the natural ups and downs of life.

6. I will be generous and boundaried.

As you edge towards 2022, what declarations will you create for yourself that will support you in experiencing what matters most to you?

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