what the words are about

Your Great Life BookYour Great Life: a soulful and strategic guide to designing a life you love blends the science of psychology with the power of soul.

why I wrote the words

I know you have a secret dream, a longing, an aching. Something pulls at you, something brighter, bolder, more precious, more real, much more … you.

That something is the life you love. I call it your great life.

what is a great life?

Great lives are not super lives; they are truthful lives. Great lives are not without tears and heartbreak, uncertainty and confusion. They are not lived for approval, applause, or accolades.

Great lives are born when you listen to your true self and let love light the way. Great lives are built from truth, integrity, courage, self-awareness, and vulnerability.

Your great life may involve a huge change – a move, a relationship transition, an adventure, a creative dream. Or, maybe you’ll just make a few small tweaks to align with your soul.

You deserve to live a life you love.
This book will help you design it.

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