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a four-week online program to help you break free from self-sabotage

Because your life is too precious to waste another moment feeling stuck

Getting Unstuck is about deepening your self-awareness, clearing away sabotaging subconscious stories, and releasing unconscious fears that are limiting your potential so you can access your full power, confidence, and self-trust. 

After that? Look forward to the freedom to do the things you want to do, follow-through on what matters most, keep your promises to yourself and feel damn proud that you are creating a life you love everyday. 

Does this sound like you? 

You repeat unhealthy habits, even though you don’t want to. 

You’ve been through too many Januarys resolving to make a change, only to abandon your goals just a few weeks later. Whether it’s unhealthy habits around thinking {inner critic} or behaving {procrastination} or relating {toxic dynamics} you are tired of feeling stuck in the same cycles and are ready to break free.

You beat yourself up for not being able to figure it out.

You know what you want, you keep trying to make it happen, but something is holding you back. You are smart and self-aware and it pisses you off that you can’t seem to get out from underneath self-sabotaging patterns. You know there’s a way, you just don’t know what it is.

You recognize self-sabotaging patterns of perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt, people pleasing, avoidance or feeling not good enough {there are more self-sabotaging patterns, but these are the most common}.

You know these patterns are draining and, yet, it’s difficult to give them up. You are ready to unpack the unconscious fears and subconscious stories that keep you stuck in these tendencies.

You see how shame, blame, criticism and guilt {towards yourself or towards others} are negatively impacting your life.

You know these states can be paralyzing and you are ready to process and release them. You want to take responsibility for what you are truly responsible for and not feel hostage to your past, your inner critic, or other people’s problems. 

You walk away when things don’t go smoothly or quit before you’ve really given it a good shot.

There’s nothing wrong with moving on and letting go when it’s the healthiest decision, but you wonder if maybe you are sabotaging yourself by quitting too soon or letting fear take you out of the game. 

You’re ready to get out of your own way, but your inner critic is distracting and can derail you. 

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and you’re still feeling stuck in some areas of your life, it feels like something is missing or you’re missing something. You’re aware that past experiences are influencing you in the present, you want to break free and need support to make that happen. 

Are you ready to get Unstuck?

Yes! One pay of $500 USD Yes! Two pay of $250 USD

If you recognize yourself in any of these lines, then you are in the right place. 

Now is the perfect time to unhook from unhelpful habits, disconnect from destructive thoughts patterns and take your power back so you can step into the life you love. 

Working in the field of psychology for over twenty years, I can tell you, that self-sabotage is something all humans struggle with and there is a way to end the struggle. 

Professionally, I know this is true. 
Personally, I know this is true too. 

I went from being stuck in self-sabotage in every area of my life {my health, romantic relationships, career, relationship with myself and my body, friendships} to creating the motivation and momentum to actually do what matters to me. 

Through decades of professional training, and my own therapy, I uncovered a process for becoming Unstuck. 

I was so relieved to stop fighting myself, to end the struggle, and have the freedom to opt-out of suffering that I became obsessed with helping others do the same. 

As a registered psychologist, neuroscientist, and lover of freedom I’ve helped thousands of clients and students get Unstuck by using self-awareness, self-love, and science-backed strategies for real, long-lasting change. 

If you’re tired of struggling to make the changes you want to make, you’re in the right place. 


Unstuck is a four-week online program that focuses on creating alignment in the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious levels of the mind, so you can use the full power of your mind to live a life you love. 

As you move through the four-week process, you’ll go from stuck to unstuck, from frustration to freedom. You’ll unhook from your inner critic so you can swap worry and woundedness for worthiness. 


This work is designed to rewire any limiting beliefs and create new neural pathways so you can keep your promises to yourself and step into your potential. 

1. The psychology of authentic change.

The primary goal of Unstuck is to teach you how to integrate a new way of being that you can apply to every area of your life you feel stuck in.

We’ll systematically work through the mental and emotional states of self-mastery so you can feel like the driver of your thoughts, behaviours, and life … instead of the passenger.

We will explore the limiting beliefs and fear-based stories that are keeping you stuck so you can deconstruct them and create new patterns of potential and possibility.

2. Practical strategies offered in an overwhelm-free zone. 

Unstuck isn’t just another self-help book or course that tells you what to do, but not how to do it. It’s a fully supported and expertly guided discovery of what’s keeping you stuck and how you can get free. 

If you Google self-sabotage, you’ll get 32,100,000 results. 

Hello, overwhelm! 

After twenty-years of working with people, I’m clear on the most effective practices for overcoming self-sabotage. I’ve done the research, and pulled together the most powerful practices so you can move through a step-by-step process of overcoming mental blocks without becoming paralyzed by overwhelm or distracted by the next new thing.

I’ve also intentionally designed this to be a four week program {instead of a fourteen week program} so you don’t get lost in the process and fall away from the program because it’s too much and too long. 

3. Skills that last a lifetime. 

Learn how to use therapeutically proven strategies and tools to identify your triggers and modify your thoughts and behaviours. You will deepen your self-awareness and strengthen your motivation to make the changes you want to make.

We focus on one area of life you’re feeling stuck in. But, this program is designed to teach you new skills that you can use for the rest of your life to free yourself from unhelpful and unconscious scripts that have held you back for too long.

The practical psychological tools you’ll receive inside Unstuck can be used to improve your entire life. 

4. Science-backed and created by a pro. 

As a registered psychologist, neuroscientist, and formerly very-stuck human, I have real life experience and professional training to guide you through the process of getting Unstuck.

In this program you’ll receive three levels of support to keep you feeling inspired and taking aligned action so you can stay on track. 

  1. During the weekly lessons, you’ll receive science-backed perspectives and processes and opportunity for integration. 
  2. In the Q&A calls and the private community, you’ll receive connection and extra support. 
  3. With your journal daily journal and hypnotherapy recording, you’ll be rewiring your neural pathways to create mental alignment {no more fighting yourself}.

Four training videos released, on Sunday morning, in your private membership area.

These power-packed lessons are grounded in science and designed to help you know what you need to know in order to do what you want to do. In these, you’ll find practices for overcoming self-sabotage, getting unstuck, resolving subconscious stories and addressing unconscious fears. We’re devoted to real world results. 

Four sets of integration exercises {I call it your playbook}, to go along with the videos in your private membership area.

Weekly integration playbooks allow you to personalize what you’re learning and to deepen your awareness of yourself and to become aware of your unique style of getting unstuck. Knowing information is good, applying and integrating that information is where the magic lives. 

Four Q+A calls with Gemma on Wednesday evenings, in our private community.

There’s no one-size fits all when it comes to getting Unstuck – that’s why our program is Live. You’re going to be interacting with real people, in real time. In our weekly, live Q+A sessions you’ll have an opportunity to ask specific questions and get personalized answers from Gemma. 

A private Facebook community for the members of Unstuck

Prepare for warm, caring, attentive support in our community. The collective healing and transformative energy of a group of like-minded people, sharing a similar intention is powerful. The private group is a safe place to be seen, heard, and supported. 

An Unstuck hypnotherapy recording

Gemma is a highly trained hypnotherapist who has created thousands of personalized recordings to help her clients align the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious levels of the mind. She has created a specific hypnotherapy recording to overcome self-sabotaging habits so you can create new neural pathways in a simple and sustainable way that support your freedom. 

A thirty-day Unstuck Journal

A beautifully designed, thirty-day Unstuck journal with simply prompts to help you get Unstuck.


Developing: Every Sunday morning in May, a new video lesson and integration playbook will drop in your course. I’d suggest you block off a few hours every Sunday to dive into each lesson. 

Connecting: Every Wednesday in May from 6:30pm – 7:30pm MT I’ll go live in our community for Q&As. Block off this time to get your questions answered, connect with the community, celebrate wins, get support, or receive a pep talk. 

Deepening: Throughout the month, you’ll be working through your thirty-day Unstuck journal and listening to your Unstuck hypnotherapy recording daily to deepen the practices. 

Does this sound like what you’ve been waiting for?

Yes! One pay of $500 USD Yes! Two pay of $250 USD

Inspirational and Actionable Science-Based Support at an Accessible Price

People have paid thousands of dollars to do this work with me in person, which is accessible for some humans, but not for all humans. And, my private practice is currently full, so I’m unable to offer this work to more people. 

I felt crunchy and disheartened about not being able to support more people in getting Unstuck, so I packed everything I’ve studied, tested, and learned about overcoming self-sabotage and getting unstuck into this four week program to make it accessible to more people.  



One pay of $500 USD or two pay of $250 USD

PLUS! bring a friend for free!

Accountability buddies are gold, so I’m banking on it to support your success.

When you register, watch your inbox for a coupon code to give to your favourite human {or, ya know, anyone who could use a little extra liberation in their lives}.


One hour weekly, on Wednesday evenings, for our live Q&A

  • May 5 from 6:30 – 7:30pm MT
  • May 12 from 6:30 – 7:30pm MT
  • May 18 from 6:30 – 7:30pm MT
  • May 26 from 6:30 – 7:30pm MT

Two hours weekly, for the Sunday lessons and integration playbook 

Twenty minutes daily, for your Unstuck hypnotherapy recording

Five minutes daily, for your Unstuck journal

If you want to take more time and move more slowly, no problem.

I respect your pace and all the program materials – videos, playbooks, hypnotherapy, journal – are yours to keep for the lifetime of the course. If you don’t get to everything, you can revisit the material after we wrap. 


I’ve built, and taught, courses for colleges and universities and know the value of good course design, delivered in a palatable way. Here’s how we’re going to roll:

Week One: Self-Awareness

When we don’t know what we don’t know, we are limited in ways we don’t understand. We don’t have the information we need in order to make informed decisions. In week one, we will be raising our awareness of any unconscious fears and subconscious stories that might be keeping us stuck so we can shift into making mindful, conscious, empowered choices. We get clear on what is actually blocking you from getting what you really want. 

Week Two: Self-Compassion

You need compassion for yourself in order to live a life you love. This week is one of deep-healing as we befriending your inner saboteurs. The aim is complete self-acceptance so you can honor all the parts of you. When we move away from self-resistance and towards self-love we are more able to recognize, process, and release self-sabotaging patterns when they emerge. 

Week Three: Self-Empowerment

We take a close look at reclaiming your power, telling a new story, and creating lasting change. We’re going to use strategies for working through resistance and rewire your inner dialogue so you can move into more of what you want. This week we move into creating healthy boundaries {for yourself and for others}, so you can channel your energy and attention into what matters most instead of having it drain out and diminish your capacity to live a life you love. 

Week Four: Self-Worth

Self-worth is the most powerful antidote to self-sabotage. In this last week, you’ll get practical tools to deepen the love you have for yourself. As we move into embracing the truth – you are worthy and deserving of the life you love – we create momentum to fully step into that life. 

In these four weeks you’ll deepen into yourself and rise into the life you love. And, because you have access to the entire curriculum, for the lifetime of the course, you can refer to it over and over. 

I’m in! One pay of $500 USD I’m in! Two pay of $250 USD


Gemma Stone is a Harvard trained neuroscientist, registered psychologist, author, speaker, and lover of life. 

She’s been working in the field of psychology for over fifteen years. Her formal training, degrees, certifications, and licences range from psychology to life coaching, to hypnotherapy, to neuro linguistic programming, to yoga instruction.

During this month-long multi-media program is methodically constructed to empower you to take control of your mind. The lessons are delivered in Gemma’s warm, real, direct style and are grounded in science. You’ll be offered tools to align your mind with practical processes to take meaningful action to create long-term, sustainable, meaningful, positive change.

Want to know more of the human stuff about Gemma?

 Here’s her story . . .

On my twenty-fifth birthday, while soaking in a bubble bath, sipping on champagne, and nibbling on chocolate, I started to cry.

I didn’t like myself. I didn’t like my life.

In that moment, I realized fear was controlling me …

… fear of not being enough {pretty enough, skinny enough, rich enough, smart enough}

… fear of vulnerability

… fear of rejection

… fear of failure

I had built my life on a foundation of fear and I was depressed, anxious, and unfulfilled.

From that moment forward I devoted myself to living from love instead of fear and helping others do the same.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details, but suffice it to say, I know what it means to let fear dictate your every decision.

I’ve felt the devastation of depression.
Sexual abuse darkened my childhood.
Disordered eating stole a portion of my adolescence.
Post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, and panic attacks
Thoughts of suicide and crippling debt stifled my early adulthood.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to know you are not alone … and that transformation — of the most miraculous kind — is absolutely possible.

About 20 years ago, I began to slowly and deliberately rewire my core beliefs. I became laser focused on building emotional intelligence and resilience. I started reframing — and eventually releasing — my fears.

I knew I needed to learn how to deal with the hard and horrible things life throws our way, so I could become stronger than I was before and become free to live a life I love and add love to the world.

I applied these concepts to my life and mind, in practical ways. It transformed my world.

Today my life is anchored in love. In my psychology practice and consulting work, I’ve helped thousands of people resolve their past trauma, fall in love with their lives, and step into futures they’ve only dreamed about.

In these four weeks you’ll deepen into yourself and rise into the life you love. And, because you have access to the entire curriculum, for the lifetime of the course, you can refer to it over and over. 

Sign me up! One pay of $500 USD Sign me up! Two pay of $250 USD

Have questions? Quick answers to common questions. If these don’t provide the As to your Qs, email me. I’m happy to help.


Q: What do I need to have in order to participate?

A: You’ll need good Wi-Fi access, a computer/table/phone, something to write with, and access to Facebook. A headset or earphones are helpful, but not necessary. Be intentions about your choice of space when you are working through the Unstuck material. Where do you feel the most engaged and at ease? Where can you be undisturbed?

Q: I don’t live in Canada. Can I join this program?

A: Yes! We often have clients from the United States, Europe, India, Australia, all around the world. If the time zones are challenge to make work and you don’t want to stay up late or get up super early, it’s all good. We will email you all the recordings you can watch them as soon as possible and rejoin us live when the time works.

Q: Is this program refundable.

A: Once you buy a ticket, you’ll receive most of your material, so there are no refunds. Please double-check your calendar {and your heart!} and make sure you can show up.

Q: Can I do this with my partner, co-worker, or friend?

A: Absolutely! Accountability buddies are golden and I’m willing to bank on your success. Once you buy a ticket, you’ll receive a code to invite a friend for free. 

Q: I want to do this program, but I probably can’t attend the live meetings because I have a schedule conflict. Will those be recorded so I can watch and catch up later?

A: While all the lessons are recorded, the live Q & A calls are not. At times, people share personal information, so to protect the confidentiality of people in the group, the live calls are not recorded. However, you can drop a question in the community anytime to receive an answer.

Q: I notice this program is thirty days long. I have a very full, busy life and I’m worried I will “fall behind” and won’t be able to complete everything in just thirty days. I might need more time. Is that okay?

A: Yes! That’s totally okay. You have access to the program materials for the lifetime of the course. You can go back and do things at your own pace.

Q: Who is this program for?

A: This program is primarily intended for people who want to overcome self-sabotage and get Unstuck so they can be free to be who they want to be, do what they want to do, and live a life they love. No matter what kind of work you do or roles you have, learning how to overcome self-sabotage is a core psychological strength that can benefit anyone.

Q: Is this program specifically for women?

While Gemma’s programs tend to attract lots of women {which is awesome!}, this program is not only for women. All genders are welcome to join. All faiths, all nationalities, all professions, all experience levels, all sexual orientations, all humans are ALL WELCOME. We value diversity and strive to create a safe and welcoming space for all.

Q: When will this program be offered again?

A: I may offer Unstuck again in 2022, but I’m not certain yet. If I do, it will likely be a self-study program and won’t have live calls. AND! Why wait a year if you don’t have to? Carpe diem. The life you love is waiting.

Q: When is the very last day to register?

A: The very last day to register is April 29th, 2021.

Q: I’m an introvert and not into group stuff. Will I be forced to talk to strangers?

A: I’m an introvert too! No, you won’t be forced to do anything you don’t want to do. We want you to have a supportive, warm, honoring experience. Do whatever feels right for you.