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weekend immersions

There are puh-lenty of workshops on the scene. Some are rah-rah, some are bursting with star-power gurus, others are swarming with great networking opportunities. Most are inspiring—if you bring the right mindset.

But, some events are a tad different. More intimate. Softer. Flowing with deep meaningful connection and wholehearted exploration. The weekend immersions are one of those rare gems—a chance to rest, reflect, uncover ideas, find answers, tap into knowing, and create a meaningful change.

Each weekend immersive is 2 ½ days and takes place at one of my favourite Fairmont properties in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

Heal The Past in Lake Louise

During Heal The Past we will learn how to –

use a sophisticated approach to forgiveness so you can be free from the past

  • heal childhood wounds so you can leave limiting beliefs behind
  • reclaim worthiness and finally know you are good enough
  • identify unconscious barriers that are keeping you stuck
  •  build resilience so you can deal with anything that comes your way

Love The Present in Jasper

During Love The Present we will learn how to –

be mindful so you can feel peaceful and enjoy the present moment

  • establish and maintain boundaries to have healthier relationships
  • build confidence, self-esteem, and self-love so you can overcome fear of failure and fear of rejection
  • build self-awareness so you can make conscious and authentic choices for yourself
  • create a sense of connection and belonging
  • design days you love

Light The Future in Banff

During Light The Future we will learn how to –

overcome procrastination so you can stop self-sabotage

  • create goals and a vision for your life so you have the clarity to move forward with purpose and direction
  • harness motivation and momentum to create the future you desire
  • build a community of allies who support you and the life you love
  • contribute to humanity in ways that are meaningful and impactful

During our time together we’ll dig deep, figure out what matters and uncover what’s holding you back. When you return to your life, it will be with the freedom to live a life you love.


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who is Gemma Stone?

I’m a psychologist, consultant, speaker, author, mother, adventurer, and lover of life. My work is laser focused on helping you build emotional intelligence and resilience so you can deal with hard things, live a life you love, and add love to the world.

In addition to facilitating these weekend immersions and working one-on-one with my clients, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at colleges, speaking at conferences, and hosting international retreats.

You can read more of my story right here and learn some fun facts about me here.

is a weekend immersion for me?

Yes, if you …

  1. want to live a great life
  2. want to change something about your life
  3. are open to exploring and reflecting
  4. are ready to discover your own truths
  5. are interested in how the psychology can make your life better
  6. want to belong to a community of supportive, loving, like-minded people

No, if you …

  1. do not wish to meet others who are experiencing something similar
  2. if you are looking for a private therapy experience
  3. feel that there is nothing you’d like to change in your life
  4. are not interested in investing time, money, and energy in yourself
  5. want an expert to tell you what you “should” be doing