light the future in Banff

These events are have come and gone, but I’d love to see you at the next ones!
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October 25th – October 27th, 2019

This Weekend Immersion is goal setting and life visioning with heart and soul.

When we learn how to combine strategy with emotional intelligence, we can plan for (and follow through on) the large and small details that make up a radiant life.

During Light The Future, you’ll learn how to:

  • identify your truest calling and design a plan to realize your dream(s)
  • overcome procrastination so you can stop self-sabotage
  • put fear in perspective so it doesn’t derail or paralyze you
  • create focused goals and a vision for your life so you have the clarity to move forward with purpose and direction
  • harness motivation and momentum to create the future you desire
  • build a community of allies who support you and the life you love
  • contribute to humanity in ways that are meaningful and impactful
  • design days (and a life!) that you love

Your Weekend Immersion includes:

For $1000 {all or a portion may be reimbursed through benefits} you’ll receive –

Quality You-Time

A full 2 ½ days of inspiration and deep internal reconfiguring. This is YOUR time to honour and care for yourself – body, mind and spirit.

Practical Tools & Guidance

If you hear the phrase ‘inner work’ and immediately clench with fear, you’re going to love the gentle style of these weekend immersions. Expect writing prompts, guided reflection and Q&A conversations that inspire meaningful change while bringing lightness and ease. (Think: less confusion, less overwhelm, and way more clarity and “I got this” confidence.)


You’ll enjoy a nutritious and delicious lunch on Saturday and Sunday, plus healthy (always tasty) snacks and beverages will be available from start to finish. No worries if you have allergies, are gluten-free, or have specific dietary requirements – our amazing Fairmont team will take good care of you.


I’m blessed that my work attracts wholehearted, growth-minded, brave seekers. This weekend will introduce you to a collection of wise and supportive people.

Truth & Trust

I’m not going to tell you what to do, how to live your life, or give you unsolicited advice. This process is about you digging deep into what matters to you, and trusting that you are worthy of your unique, stunner of a life.


You do not have to share anything with the group (unless you want to), but if you feel inspired to do so, please be assured that everyone who registers agrees to keep all personal details and stories 100% confidential.


You’ll go home feeling both relaxed and energized. Rested and fired up. Recharged and inspired to live a life you love. You’ll have made meaningful connections with like-minded people, created a deeper connection to your soul, and developed a strategy to live a life you love.

Who am I, and why did I create The Weekend Immersions?

I’m Gemma Stone, a psychologist, consultant, speaker, author, mother, adventurer, and lover of life.

My work is laser focused on helping you build emotional intelligence and resilience, so you can deal with hard things, live a life you love, and add love to the world.

I’m offering these weekend immersions because I’ve found that while online education is wonderful, there’s a special kind of magic that happens when curious humans gather together in-person. Being in community with others who want to live according to values like Love, Compassion, Courage, and Giving Back, is a powerful form of transformative alchemy.

So when I had the idea to merge this kind of healing work with handmade chocolates and world-renowned Rocky Mountain views… Well, what’s not to love, right?

A Weekend Immersion is right for you if:

  • You feel a clear yearning for something more, something better.
  • Healthy relationships are a top priority, and you know that your romantic life, parenting, and business relationships will all benefit from your personal growth.
  • You want to widen your community of supportive, courageous, love-driven people.
  • You’re excited by the idea of mingling a therapeutic experience with the comforts of an exquisite mountain vacation.
  • You’re interested in deepening your understanding of human psychology, and how this knowledge can improve your quality of life.
  • The thought of devoting an entire weekend to yourself makes you feel a bit guilty, but your heart is loudly saying, “Guilt Schmilt. I’m worthy of this. I need this”.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the weekend immersions special?

There are puh-lenty of workshops on the scene. Some are rah-rah, some are bursting with star-power gurus, others are swarming with great networking opportunities. Most are inspiring—if you bring the right mindset.

But, some events are a tad different. More intimate. Softer. Flowing with deep meaningful connection and wholehearted exploration. The weekend immersions are one of those rare gems—a chance to rest, reflect, uncover ideas, find answers, tap into knowing, and create a meaningful change.

Are accommodations included?

Accommodations are not included. I’ve organized a great room rate at each of the Fairmont properties (depending on the property, a basic room typically goes for over $500, but we’ve snagged a rate that’s between $230 – $330). I’ll send you the location-specific reservation code as soon as you register. Of course, you’re welcome to stay elsewhere in the local area.

Are all meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) included?

You’ll receive a yummy lunch on Saturday, plus healthy snacks and beverages from start to finish. Breakfasts, dinners and lunch on Sunday are not included – for these meals, you’ll get to indulge in one of the many fine nearby restaurants.

Is transportation from Calgary included?

Transportation is not included. If you’d like to volunteer to carpool, let me know and I’ll connect you with others interested in carpooling.

What is your cancellation / refund policy?

Once you register, the behind-the-scenes wheels start turning and I begin spending money to make your experience as awesome as possible. For that reason, there are no refunds. But, you are welcome to transfer your spot to someone else up to two weeks prior to the weekend. In case of emergency {like a medical crisis}, we can switch you to a future immersion.

Will I be expected to share personal details with the entire group?

Definitely not. There will be opportunities for sharing with the wider group, but this is entirely optional. Trust whatever feels right for you.

Will I be able to talk with you privately, 1-on-1?

At these weekend immersions, I’m committed to supporting the entire group so there won’t be time for 1-on-1 private conversations. If you’re looking for personalized and private support, this would be a better fit for you.

Is there a discount for signing up for more than one Immersion?

Yes, there sure is!
Email me directly to register for all three immersions and you’ll receive $500 off the total price.

Does the agenda include any free time to go off and do my own thing?

Absolutely! You’ll have time to enjoy the majestic Rocky Mountains in the early mornings and evenings. I’ve arranged for our special room rate to be extended, so if you’d like to book an extra day either before and after the immersion, you have that option. (I highly recommend it.)

If I’ve already worked with you privately, will I get value from this?

Definitely. There’s a special kind of magic and insight that happens in groups. Because of the one-of-a-kind nature of doing this work in community, many of the processes you’ll experience during the immersion focus on tools and techniques that I don’t include with my private clients.

Will this really help me change my life?

I can’t know for sure if you will change your life. What I do know is this: I’ve spent ten years and thousands of hours teaching, mentoring, researching, and developing these concepts and tools. And, I have boxes of snail mail letters and countless emails from people who are more in love with their life as a result of these ideas and processes. These words tell the stories of past participants who are more fulfilled, joyful, courageous, energetic, healthy, creative, and less stressed, depressed, anxious, discontent, and overwhelmed.

I’ve been to the Great Life Redesign retreat / another event you’ve hosted. Will this content be the same?

I’ve created entirely new content for these weekend immersions. This program is a compliment to any work you’ve done with me in the past either at events or during private one-on-one sessions.

I don’t know what a life I love looks like – should I still sign up?

Yes! You’ll work through processes to help you find your clarity and connect with the life you most want to live.