you design your life every time you make a decision

On the Great Life Tour I am redesigning daily.

I spontaneously hopped onto Facebook Live to share a few true reflections about what the journey has been like so far.

We design our lives every time we make a decision. 

The first step in designing your great life is to acknowledge where things don’t feel the way you want them to feel.

I’ve been exploring these questions to help me find my way.

What about this isn’t working?
What about this is working?
How will I redesign it so it feels more aligned?

Venturing into your feelings and the truth they reveal requires courage, compassion, and patience. You may have to stumble through pain, loss, and uncertainty. At times, it will be tempting to take a simpler path.

The best way to improve your situation is to accept it – the good and the bad. Acceptance gives us the freedom to make calm and thoughtful choices. Rejecting or denying the truth causes us to stay stuck and turn to unhelpful habits for comfort.

What is it time to accept?
What decision is your heart asking you to make?
What does your fullest, truest life look like?


What would you be willing to risk in order to step into it?