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It’s not MaGic, It’s Psychology. 

Mindset and Mental Health for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Armed with multiple degrees in psychology, two decades of working one-on-one with individuals, and facilitating internationally, I am laser focused on helping people build emotional intelligence.

I’ve offered behind-the-scenes support to side-hustling solopreneurs, best-selling authors, civic leaders, real estate tycoons, venture capitalists, brilliant creators, start-up entrepreneurs, and executives of billion-dollar companies.

My passion is helping people who are helping the world. 


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Because your mission does not have to destroy you. 

You can work in a way that supports the whole human you are.

Creating a humane territory for leaders and entrepreneurs to create, disrupt, and innovate is an inside job that begins within each of us.


Experience practical, evidence-based approaches and a clear action plan for moving forward.


Over twenty years of experience in the field of psychology and graduate-level professional training.


You are trying to solve big problems and make big dreams come true – your mind needs a special kind of support.


You can feel where you are out of alignment. We create a plan to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

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Support Built Exactly To Your Needs

The people I consult with have one key thing in common – the desire to rise in every way.

  • Conscious leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication skills
  • Self-awareness
  • Performance
  • Resilience
  • Mindset

If you want to leave the world, or at least your corner of it, in better condition than you found it, my combo of psychology savvy + practical support might be just what you need.

My Passion is helping people who are helping the World

Building Emotional Intelligence

Strengthening Communication

Enhancing Relationship Health

Uncovering Blindspots

Navigating Challenges

Ending Self-sabotage

Releasing Trauma

Reducing Drama

Finding ClaritY


 Design a business, and life you love.

Helping you experience joy, fulfillment, love and growth within the wild roller coaster ride of leadership and entrepreneurship is my passion.

I believe, with my whole heart, that by empowering you to have a healthy mind, we will build the world we want our children to grow up in.