I’m Gemma Stone, and I’m a Psychologist, Coach, Speaker, Guide, and a whole lotta other things.

I work with people who are ready to heal the past, love the present, and light up the future. I work with people who want to stop struggling and suffering and start fully living.

I fight for your happiness, health, and success by combining the science of psychology with the power of spirituality to create a personalized concoction of transformative tools and wisdom. Add a dash of unconditional love, compassion, and soul searching and you begin to get the essence of the work I do.

Think of me as your strategic-listening, freedom-fighting, happiness-finding, meaning-making, mind-reprogramming devotee. I’m the soul-sister who wants to join you on this crazy adventure called ‘life’.

Wanna work with me?

Great! First, choose whether you’d like to start with a Groundwork Session or a Pure Activation Session. If you’re ready to dive in right away you can book your appointment immediately with my online appointment booking program or give me a call {403-255-0898}.

People that really want to dive deep go for the Vacation TransformationOr, if a full year of love, support, & therapy is more your thing check out the Diamond Tribe

Questions? Let’s connect.

There’s work to be done. Time is of the essence.

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change isn’t always better

All too often we approach life with the fantasy that change will bring about a better future.

Sometimes it does. Often it does not.

Unless we venture into the conditions that brought us into our present life and practice radical self-acceptance and truth-seeking, we risk recreating that which we’re trying to escape.

Your outer life emerges as a reflection of your inner life.

If you are suffering in your outer life, the most helpful question to ask is, where did this come from within me?

Shakespeare said, no prisons are more confining that those we do not know we are in.

When you go within, you’ll find the freedom & answers you seek.

To liberation & love,



are you speeding along?

This has been me. Many times.

Speeding along
a highway
that was paved by another.
so fast
you can’t see
what you are
passing by.
Life is a blur.
It’s time to sloooooooow down.
Filter e-mails.
Deny requests.
Phone off.
Block time.
Miss opportunities.
Make space
what deeply matters.

I am heading out to the Rocky Mountains to commune with nature & bond with my boys.

Then, I’m off to my favorite castle to guide 85 remarkable people through the Great Life Redesign process.

This long weekend, may you have the freedom to make space for what deeply matters to you.

Always. Love.


GLR — market announcement! market announcement!

BelindaThe vibrant art of Belinda Fireman makes my heart do a little dance. We are positively delighted to be featuring her art at the Great Life Redesign market. You can check out her creative process here and remember to ‘like’ her.


jackie-tinyJackie Dumaine, creator of The Yoga Code, is offering laser Yoga Code coaching sessions. Jackie will quickly guide you into using one specific principle to practice in order to bring the ancient wisdom of yoga into your Great Life.


unnamed-3Joyful goodness crafted from fibre and stone by a full-time teacher/wanna-be-writer/sometime-dreamer living on the edge of the boreal forest in northern Alberta. All pieces are created with the highest spiritual intentions from the yummiest yarns and sparkliest rocks Kendra can find.   Visit her table at GLR to cuddle with the Goddess dolls (Divine Dames) and dazzle at the beaded creations (necklaces, earrings,bookmarks, keychains, etc.). I’ve called dibs on the rainbow one ;-)


buy-now.jpgFarhana Dhalla, author of Thank You For Leaving Me, is offering laser coaching sessions designed to help you find the paradigm shift that will help you release the heavy stuff {shame, blame, guilt, fear} so you can step into your Great Life with freedom, perspective & love.


lee - tinyLee Horbachewski, author of A Quiet Strong Voice, will have a table filled with her beautiful photography paired with her inspirational writing. These beauties are bound to add love and light into your life.


Carrie-Seidsm.jpgThe first time I saw the artwork of Carrie Seid I stopped breathing. Her work seems impossible. She crafts with metal, wood and silk with majesty & illumination. Carrie and I have a secret project that will be unveiled at the market. Bonus! Carrie will also be bringing a few of her precious handmade pieces of jewellery to share with you.

jo-tiny Joanne the leader of the care revolution over at Cared Humanity will be offering t-shirts, magnets, journals, keychains, cards all designed to inspire & add to the care in your world.


9everydayoilsShauna Norman will be sharing orgonitos {aka the natural transformer} and young living essential oils {my favourite brand}.


photoLori Danyluk  will be our Great Life hand reader! Our hands hold more information about us, our personality, our life’s journey, our Owner’s Manual, and our Life Map than we can imagine. Lori will also be sharing her wisdom wraps {bracelets}.

bookDebbie Gibbs, author of The 8th Wisdom Keeper, will be selling her book. If you have ever wondered how we came to be?  Are there beings living on other planets?  Who or what is God?  Why does this happen to me?  Why chaos occurs and its deeper meaning? Then this is the book for you!

unnamed-2The Beatles summed it up in song: “Love is all you need.” And, as we listen closely, we hear that love is pure connection to spirit and soul. At the marketplace, Lori will be facilitating your connection to soul love. Great Life Redesigners who sign up during the weekend will have a spot with Lori for a quick, real-time “date” with their spirit guides. It’s the first of a two-part “date” package, offered only to GLR participants. Part two will happen, on your timeline, sometime in the month following Great Life Redesign. Think of it as inviting spirit and soul into alignment with your best GLR explorations. All in big, beautiful soul love.

shelleysm.jpgShelley Streit is selling her book called Behind the Rear View Mirror. This book will take you along for the ride, as Shelley revisits some of the many detours she has travelled on her road of life. You will learn that many of the detours she had to take were not of her choice or making, but that she was a driven and determined individual who refused to be held back.


Tania Lammers from Guided Healing Works will bring to us her talents as a Card Reader. Card readings are a wonderful way to get insight to your life. It helps to give you direction and answer questions you may have. The questions can be a simple question such as, what do I need to know today?  Or it can be a deeper question such as, what is my life purpose?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABri Waldeck will be selling her Meditation Mala Beads. Malas are a great tool to aid in meditation and keep you on your path to Great Living through positive affirmations and mantras. I have my own personal collection of malas — I often refer to them as my superhero capes.

GLR BoxI have lovingly crafted Great Life Weekend kits for you. This little box is packed with our super special tea {and a tea ball of course}, a journal, local hand poured beeswax candles, a mug & an organic dark chocolate heart so you can take the Great Life experience home.

imgresAndrew Facca has generously donated his DVD Voyage To Betterment to every Great Life participant. The DVD’s will be available at the market. You can learn more about his project here. 








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32 lines

My 32nd year has passed. With over 432 birthday blessings flying in from around the globe, my 33rd year is bound to be awesome right?

Deep thanks for your love & kindness. No note went unread. I sent a little blessing of gratitude to each of you.

Here are 32 lines to wrap up my 32nd year.
Sometimes second chances become third chances.
And, that is a beautiful thing. 
I thought I wanted to travel in my work.
Then I realized I didn’t.
But, maybe I really do {Peru anybody?}. 
I want to create traditions that nourish my soul.
Like meeting remarkable & soulful people in the Rocky Mountains once a year.
And donating my birthday to charity water.
Because water changes everything.
Boot camp isn’t as bad as it sounds.
Especially when it’s run by a hilarious & whole hearted yogi. 
Community matters. 
Shockingly, I’m not as introverted as I thought I was. 
It’s good to take space when dreams come true.
Very good. 
Sugar is evil & it makes me crazy.
Caffeine isn’t as bad as I thought it was.
Especially if there’s a heart poured on top. 
Love is greater than fear.
You can not have a panic attack for five years and then have one again.
It doesn’t mean your broken.
When your soul speaks. Listen.
Before you have a panic attack. 
The brand of coconut butter you buy makes all the difference.
Don’t cheap out. 
My favourite colour is now purple.
But my favourite number will always be 8.
My friends are awesome.
My boys are wise. 
Devotion takes my breath away. 
No matter what, remember to love. 

the path to healing, wholeness & fulfillment

Fear controls much of our lives. Defense mechanisms are by-products of fear.

We avoid, deny, repress, numb, blame & project.
We flee from personal responsibility.
We defer to a perceived authority figure.
We sacrifice our true self.
We ignore our souls’ calling.
We get worked up over trivial issues.
We seek validation.
We need approval.
We give our power to another.
We get hard, we go cold, we shut out love.
We distract ourselves with television, work or busyness.
We numb out with our drug of choice.
We rationalize our fearful choices.


These defense mechanisms push us deeper into unconscious living and suffering.

As long as we choose this path, we will continue to feel lost.

No defense can protect us from the rawness of living. No wall can keep out the pain. In fact, the defenses and walls cause the rawness and pain to linger.

The truth is, when we release the defenses and break down the walls, the rawness and pain can pass through more freely and make way for relief and freedom.

Standing up to fear and shedding defense mechanisms is the most critical choice you can make on the path to healing, wholeness and a more fulfilling life.

It requires courage. 
And, you can do it. 


I believe in you.




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