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Welcome to my digital home!

I’m a psychology expert, mentor, speaker, author, mother, adventurer, and lover of life. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at colleges, speaking at conferences, and facilitating international retreats.

In my weekly newsletter, I write about how to live a life you love and add love to the world.

Once a year, a collection of like-minded people gather in a castle in the heart of the Rocky Mountains to design a life they love during my Great Life Redesign experience.

Alexandra FranzenAnyone who has a chance to bask in your presence — for an hour, a day, or a 4-day retreat — is damn lucky. Alexandra Franzen

I’m the host of the annual Great Life Celebration in support of charity:water. We dance the night away, celebrate life, and making living easier for folks across the world. People wear tutus and do crazy things in the photo booth. It’s a good time.

My first book – Your Great Life : The Art and Science of Designing A Life You Love – is the book my soul needed to write. My second book is underway.

If you’re looking for a little more support than what’s offered on the blog, check out my mentoring programs.

Dave UrsilloBehind Gemma’s loving kindness is an entire universe that’s at work: a level of profundity, depth, quick-and-honest intuition, incredible intelligence and unwavering assurance that is intricately maneuvering a billion-piece puzzle of psychology and emotion, spirituality and intricacies of language. Dave Ursillo

One more thing … I’m also a clinical psychologist. I help my clients heal the past, love the present, and light up the future. Together we move through fear, depression, anxiety, trauma, self-sabotage, unhappiness and into trust, love, confidence, courage, peace, and clarity. You can find my Alberta based psychology practice right over here.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find something here that adds a little love to your life.