Don’t let mental blocks get in the way of your success.

I’ve offered behind-the-scenes support to side-hustling solopreneurs, best selling authors, civic leaders, real estate tycoons, savvy venture capitalists, brilliant creators, start-up enterpreneurs, and executives of billion dollar companies.

The highest levels of business and entrepreneurship can be a place of inner turmoil, debilitating overwhelm, ambiguous dilemmas and high-stakes strategic decisions. It can be a place of loneliness, isolation and confusion.

Imagine having a psychology expert on call who understands the unique challenges entrepreneurial life and mindset brings. When I’m in your corner, that’s exactly what I’ll be for you.

The people I consult with all have a few key things in common – they want to elevate their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, performance, resilience, and communication skills to become the most successful human they can be. They genuinely want to leave the world – or at least their corner of it – in better condition than they found it.


I’ve been a psychology professional for over twenty years, I’ve also been on the other side of the couch. I’m not going to show up in a suit and tell you how to run your business {or life}, but I will add practical tools, meaningful wisdom, and useful support to help you align your psychology to help you step into your version of success.


I keep it real. Sometimes I may drop an f-bomb, but my professional standards are high. Your confidentiality and my ethical duty are at the tip-top of my list of priorities. I also work with evidenced-based, empirically supported approaches so you can trust our work together is backed by good research.


While some clients value working together long term, I aim to provide you with short-term solutions, practical tools, and solid support you can apply in your personal and professional life right away.


The process is different for each person, but you can rest assured I’m not going to put you through a ten-week cookie cutter coaching program because, well, you’re not a cookie. You’re a human with ambition and vision, you’ve got a unique history and a complex mind and you want to wrangle it all to propel you into your dreams and desires.

My work follows no script and is never a one-size-fits-all approach, but here are a few ways I’ve helped people just like you –  

  • Gain insight into the past patterns that have created stuck-ness or self-sabotage.
  • Move a challenging story into a compelling story to support the company mission.
  • Develop emotional intelligence necessary to rise into the next level of leadership.
  • Been the ‘psychology of the deal’ expert, providing psychological understanding of all the players.
  • Managed complicated interpersonal dynamics that come with building a legacy company.
  • Transform self-destructive professional habits into healthy, supportive habits.
  • Optimize mindset, mental health, and resilience to prevent burnout.
  • Created a bridge to transition from one business/career to another.
  • Improved communication skills to effectively deliver the message.
  • Find clarity and consistency to move forward with a plan {one you actually enjoy and that doesn’t compromise your sanity}.
  • Develop a psychological strategy to manage the mountainous pressure faced by those in the public eye.
  • Explored existential questions of fundamental motivation.
  • Offer guidance and support to change thinking and behaviour in ways that accelerate success {as you define it to be}.
  • Holding the highest vision for success, acting as compass and map to support clear direction and momentum.

Ready? Reach out and tell me how I can help.

Interested in a group program for your whole team? Check out my Healthy Mind Workshops for small to mid-sized groups looking to optimize their mental health and gain psychological insight.