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About Gemma

The highest levels of leadership and entrepreneurship can be a place of debilitating overwhelm, ambiguous dilemmas and high-stakes strategic decisions. 


Imagine having a psychology expert on call who understands the unique challenges of entrepreneurial life.


When I’m in your corner, that’s exactly what I’ll be for you.
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01. Experienced

For over twenty years, I’ve offered behind-the-scenes support to side hustling solopreneurs, best selling authors, athletes, civic leaders, real estate tycoons, venture capitalists, brilliant creators, startup founders, and executives of billion-dollar companies.

02. Professional

My work blends a few degrees in psychology and business acumen, with a generous handful of post-graduate training in multiple trauma processing techniques, solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy neuroscience, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, and more.

03. Personalized

Our work is highly customized to your specific history, needs, experiences, and challenges. We partner to support your mindset and mental health so you can reduce drama, manage stress in a healthy way, and feel like your mind is your greatest asset (not enemy).

The Struggle is real

Numbers don’t lie.

This gig isn’t an easy one.

That’s why studies have shown that 72% of leaders and entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues (compared to 48% of non-entrepreneurs).


Feel Depressed or Anxious




Experience Burnout


Struggle with Stress

We can make this better.

While many view entrepreneurship as a dream career (and in some ways, it is), it’s also a very rocky road.

I’ve worked with enough leaders to know that most do extraordinary things because they are fuelled by something difficult (past traumas, fear, imposter syndrome, personal demons, perfectionism, chronic discontentment, not fitting in, neurodiversity).

They have found a way to channel the hard stuff into good stuff – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

This is where I come in. 

I use evidence-based approaches to help you …


Helping you experience joy, fulfillment, love and growth within the wild roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship is my passion.

Set Boundaries

Staying anchored in your values and confident in your boundaries is an essential aspect of staying well as a leader.

Communicate Effectively

Developing emotional intelligence and excellent communication skills is fundamental for all success leaders and entrepreneurs.

Feel liberated

If emotional baggage is holding you back professionally, impacting your health, or hurting your relationships, I can help you make peace with your demons without losing your edge.


My superpower is helping clients tap into conscious, subconscious, and unconscious levels of the mind – where real and long lasting change happens.


Whether it’s self-sabotage, survival strategies, or limiting beliefs that’s holding you back, I have the tools to help you see what you need to see so you can do what you need to do.