A three day, custom curated, one-on-one retreat in the majestic Rocky Mountains at the iconic Banff Springs Hotel.


Together, we dive into the process of reflecting, cocooning, and transforming. You’ll return to your life you feel refreshed, renewed, reenergize with a feeling of confidence, momentum, and direction.

Go Deep. Emerge Renewed.

Vacation transformation.

We begin your retreat by shining a spotlight on hidden limiting beliefs, burdensome past experiences, and unhelpful patterns.

Then, we move into exploring new ways of being, establishing new beliefs, celebrating strengths while mapping out a clear vision for your future.

Our thoughtfully placed breaks are designed to maximize the transformation and allow you time to enjoy your vacation.

You emerge from our time together with a soulful and strategic plan for moving forward with freedom from your past, a commitment to the present, and excitement for the future.

When you return home, you’ll have a collection of practical tools to support you in maintaining the transformation.

Access Full Potential

Step into your power by anchoring into your authenticity, deepening self-awareness, clearly defining values, and confidently articulating boundaries.


Develop psychological supports and strategies to manage the mountainous pressure and endless stress.

Healthy Relating

Expand your capacity to show up in a healthy way for your personal and professional relationships by increasing self-awareness, navigating conflict masterfully, and creating an conscious culture.

Emotional Intelligence

Experience evidenced-based practices to reach the next level of leadership by increasing emotional intelligence and strengthening communication skills.

Freedom from drama and trauma

Transition beyond unconscious patterns, imposter syndrome, paralyzing fears, perfectionism, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and self-destructive habits to accelerate success.

From Gemma

Create a new reality.

It’s an uncomfortable paradox that the psychological habits and behavioural patterns that help leaders and  entrepreneurs succeed – the ones that shape them into remarkable and accomplished humans – are often detrimental to their relationships, well-being, and ultimately, their business.

If emotional baggage is holding you back professionally, impacting your health, or hurting your relationships, I can help you make peace with your demons without losing your edge.


The support you crave

My one on one work follows no script and is never a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

This is a high touch, outcome-oriented, deeply compassionate, intimately supportive and experienced design for your unique history, experience, needs, and goals.