Based on the latest psychological research, Gemma crafts keynotes and workshops that are are focused on empowering individuals to prevent psychological disorders and improve mental wellbeing.

Research shows that organizations who attend to their employees mental health have better workplace culture, reduced turnover, greater engagement, and higher levels of productivity.

Myrriah for Gemma StoneAs a speaker, Gemma is attuned to the group in a way that makes each listener feel as if she is speaking directly to them. She is professional in all the necessary ways and fantastically personable in every other way. Myrriah Raimbault

I’ve created and taught courses for universities, presented at conferences, facilitated international retreats, supported communities in disaster zones, and designed customized training programs for multi-million dollar companies.

You could say I love speaking.
And, you’d be right.


You pick the theme and we get down to business. These sessions are bursting with straight talking truth, solid science, inspiring stories, practical how-tos, and a slice of time for questions and answers.  


Three hours dedicated to razor sharp wisdom, strategic thinking, inspirational insight, motivation, and implementation. Get your to-do list ready for actionable items and the inspiration to get them done.


We start off with a bang by virtue of a powerful and inspirational keynote. Follow that up with a personalized workshop jam-packed with tools and strategies.

CindyGemma Stone is one of the richest speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Gemma’s own story of facing and coming through darkness is not only uplifting, but inspiring and attainable. Gemma’s techniques and tools allow the audience to leave her session with a renewed sense of possibilities and enrichment. Cindy Drummond – Women Only Weekend

Questions? We have answers.

Email gemma@gemmastone.org and let’s get started.

Gail LarsenGemma is a true inspiration and continually surprises me with the depth of her knowledge and caring. Gail Larsen, founder of Real Speaking


Gemma Stone facilitated the Resilient Leadership Workshop for Women in Leadership’s 2021 Mentorship Program that was made available to 118 women in our cohort across Canada. This topic is deeply relevant and important as today’s workforce is facing dynamic challenges and constant change. Gemma’s leadership facilitation is high energy and positive with valuable and practical insights and tools. I highly recommend her to help support your team’s growth and development.

– Maya Kanigan, Women in Leadership Foundation, Founder & President