a few of my favourite things

If you were to call me a minimalist, you’d be right. But, I still have a few things I use and love.

I try my best to choose healthy, buy seasonal, support local, and spend my cash with companies who care.

Make Perfume Not War

I like Vanilla Woods by 7 Virtues for a daily dose.

For an evening of dressing up my scent, I’ll go with Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille {his sunglasses are my fav too}.

Or if I’m feeling really sweet {or someone has been sweet to me}, I’ll have Cacao by Aftelier.


If I chew gum, which happens occassioanlly, I go with Pur Chocolate Mint gum.

Almost all my chocolate comes from The Light Cellar, unless it’s shipped from Vosges or I go to Portland and stock up at Cacao.

I blend my morning matcha with coconut butter, it’s so creamy and delicious. This one is yummy, but I’m sure there are other delicious ones out there too.

One of my most important morning routines is to drink hot water with lemon and take a small handful of chlorella tablets. Alkalinizing. Energizing. My cells are wayyyyyy happier now.


When I want to boost my dream-chasing vibe, I listen to this playlist.

There are times when I need to drop into the zone, to be as productive and prolific as I need to be, I put this on.

The beat in these tracks helps me stay calm and focusing during extra long work days. Kitchen dance parties to this playlist are the best!

Once A R I Z O N A goes on tour again, I’ll be there. In the meantime, you can often find me catching vibes at Communitea.


I’ve used Carved for my cell phone cases for a decade, the Ebony World Map reminds me to keep adventuring.

For keeping water pure, I go with Berkey.

A random thing I love and that {I think} makes my life better – my Sonicare toothbrush.

For writing out my soul, I trust my Lamy {I have two …bad minimalist!} and I usually have a Baltic Amber Voluspa candle burning to help light my way.

If I’m buying presents for people, I’ll always check Etsy, local markets, and independent shops {some of my favourite people are makers and creators}.

My Tortuga travel backpack is the best! I can pack everything I need into it for a month of adventure and it’s still classified as a carry-on. It’s not built for hiking, for that I use the Gregory Denali 75.

I wrote this article on how living a life you love is a lot like doing a difficult puzzle. Afterwards, I found this AWESOME puzzle. 

This isn’t really a product, it’s more like the lack of a product – since August 2017, I’ve been sleeping on the floor. At first, it was out of necessity – I had just come home from the book tour and I didn’t have a bed. Soon, I noticed I slept better, woke up easier and felt great. So, now I do it by choice. I know it’s not for everyone {or most people}, but I encourage you to challenge what unconscious habits you have to see if something else might be even better. If you’re interested in floor sleeping, here are a few ideas. UPDATE – I now sleep on a Black Sheep mattress topper on the floor.

Learning how to jump double-unders has been a goal for a while and my Bullet Fit made it so much easier!

Potions and Powders

I like 100% Pure or Eminence to take care of the angel kisses on my face {that’s what my mama calls my freckles} and John Masters Blood Orange and Vanilla on my body.

New Wash is what I trust with the ginger locks.

Primal Pit Paste is the best deodorant in the world, in my opinion. If you’re trying to minimize liquids while travelling, they have a great tooth powder too.

Speaking of teeth, you gotta take care of the gums too. Get into oil pulling. About 6000 years of Ayurvedic science says it’s a good idea. I love the taste of coconut oil, so that’s what I use. Remember to scrap your tongue before you begin.

My go-to practice when I’m dealing with stress is to a steamy soak in a tub infused with essential oils {I don’t sell them, but Kari does} and to flip through a book of poetry.

I’ve been getting into the routine of lighting incense everyday. Remember to choose clean, non-toxic, chemical free incense – I got these ones in Bali and fell in love with the scent.

Share a few of your favourite things with me.
For real! I’d love to know.


psssst … I’m not an affiliate for anything {meaning, I don’t get paid for sharing this with you}. I offer up these things because they make my life better in some small or large way and I hope they do the same for you.