great life retreats

Explore the world. Make amazing friends. Design a life you love.

On a Great Life retreat you will experience the wonder of the world, dive into the art and science of designing a life you love and add a dose of love to the world.

If you are ready to press pause on life, reflect on what deeply matters to you, and return home with the skills and insight you need to design a life you love this experience is for you.

During our time together you’ll experience a balanced swirl of sweet self-discovery, meaningful connections with like-minded people, powerful life design strategies, sacred soul searching, and unforgettable adventure.

It’s an experience that might just change everything … for the good.

Each day we explore our inner world with life design sessions dedicated to a specific topic – overcoming self-sabotage, radical self-love, identifying core values, releasing unwanted patterns, creating your sacred yes and honoring no, designing goals with soul, dealing with fear … and a whole lot more.

We also adventure into the outer world on a guided field trip – exploring ancient ruins, strolling through open-air markets, learning how to cook authentic local fare, watching cultural performances, engaging in a sacred ceremony, or donating our time and love to a good cause.

I am laser focused on making sure you leave the retreat feeling inspired, recharged, clear, and ready to implement what you’ve learned about designing a life you love.

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