creating rituals and claiming a dream

I wrote a book to remind you that your one wild and precious life is worth living fully and truly.

This book couldn’t have been born without a strong ritual to give it life.

At the Great Life Redesign retreat, we create rituals to support us in living the lives we want to live. This year I crafted a writing ritual so I could actually write a book, instead of just talk about writing a book.

I’m sharing the ritual that’s helping me because it might be helpful to you.

A Month Before

Block of time in my schedule and pick a writing location {an airport between trips, coffee shop after a meeting, a late night at my kitchen table or early in the morning in front of my fireplace}.

The Night Before

Prepare and pack my supplies – my classic Lamy fountain pen, plenty of purple ink cartridges, a pad of silky smooth paper, a book of poetry.

The Morning Of

Minimize everything – no electronics, no chores – get to my writing as quickly as possible.

Listen to a few songs in the Singer-Songwriter playlist on Songza.

Drop into a quick meditation by noticing my breathing and visualizing a golden cord dropping from the heavens through my spine and into the earth.

If I’m feeling tempted by digital distractions I’ll use Freedom.

I decide what I want to write {book content, blog post, retreat process} and how I want to feel while I’m writing {reflective, useful, angsty, rebellious, loving}.

I read a poem from the current poetry book I’m in love with.

Pen to paper.


In seeing the rituals of others we can be empowered or inspired to create rituals for ourselves.

Briana smudges her studio with sage before creating a Precious Mala.
Melsha created a joy-finding ritual through her project #SummerOnPurpose.
Rachelle says “hello” to her life by carving out a slice of time to lay in her hammock.

Rituals are rich because they provide a sense of meaning, purpose, presence and control.

You can add a ritual into your day to set a mood, transition into something new, celebrate life, release pesky thoughtsmourn a loss, clarify an intention or ignite your inner spark.

I’d love to hear about your rituals — hop over to my Facebook page and leave me a note.

Photo credit : Catherine Just is my girl