do you fear rejection?

or need approval? The fear of rejection and need for approval can make us feel small and insecure, cause us to build superficial and dysfunctional relationships, and paralyze us with fearful rumination. What if they don’t like me? If I say no, will they leave me? If I tell her the truth, will she reject […]

are you aware of your core?

life is a whole lot better when you are Are you aware of your core? Core values. Core wounds. Core question. When we are clear in our core, everything else is easier. Next month, in the Love More Fear Less program, we are exploring our core values and our core question in order to anchor […]

want to feel better?

four radical ways to do it Most of my clients come to me because they want something to be different. They want to be happier or healthier. They want to be more abundant or successful. They want to be in loving and fulfilling relationships. Most of what we want in life is not something we […]

who is going to save you?

when my life was at its worst When I hit a low low lowwww point in my life, I desperately wanted someone to save me. I wanted someone to break me out of the prison I had built for myself. But (thankfully), no one came. The truthtruth is:  Once we are all grown up, the […]

two questions to improve relationships

and four things to avoid Being in the right relationship with ourselves and others is a practice. It seems, these days, we are more challenged than ever. When we are uncertain, afraid, uncomfortable, or in disagreement, it can be easy to turn to unhelpful communication strategies. We defend. We control. We avoid. We attack. Powerlessness […]

follow your truth

even if it’s scary Sometimes, following your truth feels scary. Especially, when other people don’t understand it (or like it). Especially, if no one ever gave you permission to trust your truth. Especially, if self-validation is something you haven’t had the space to cultivate. The fear of rejection is a distortion that’s embedded in the […]

have you bought into this illusion?

a few loving reminders Hello Love,  There’s a pesky belief floating around in our world that in order to be worthy, we need to prove it by contributing to society according to certain criteria (wealth, status, beauty, popularity, possessions).  Here’s how the fearful narrative goes: in order to increase your worth, you need to earn […]

has fear divided you?

there’s another way Fear divides us from ourselves and from each other.  It feeds us the narrative of not enoughness by pushing us to avoid rejection and seek approval.  There’s a very unpleasant hook that goes along with this fearful approach to living: when we seek approval outside of ourselves we will always find evidence […]

change your self-talk, change your life

are you coming? Hello Love, How’s your self-talk these days? Is it tender and kind? Critical and fearful? The way we speak to ourselves changes everything. How we work, relate, lead, think, parent, play, rest, feel.  Everything. It’s a filter we see the world through. It’s a form of self-care (or self-destruction). Your inner dialogue […]

an embarrassing confession

and five questions to help you It’s a humbling experience, to come face to face with how we are the villain in our own story. Of course, that’s not true.Nor is it true that the other person is the villain either.  Our black and white thinking brain likes to harness judgement to make us think […]

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