go your own way

I have learned to love endings.

Endings of dreams, relationships, identities … years.

The trick is in the surrender.

It’s in trusting that beginnings are born from endings.

It’s in embracing the truth that we only evolve if we let go of the old.

Once I’ve navigated through the grief of an ending, next comes the sticky notes, gold gel pens, and a journal filled with reflecting, releasing, and redesigning what’s next.

I am obsessed with life design.

I have a wall filled with images and quotes guiding me into the future.

I have techniques for finding clarity on what I’m committed to and who I’m devoted to.  

I guide other people through the process of finding themselves and the lives they love.

And …

There have been many seasons where I just. didn’t. care.

I didn’t want to plan.

I didn’t want to design.

It didn’t matter how beautiful the ritual was, how beautifully the PDF was created, or how soulful the strategy was … I just couldn’t get into it.

All I wanted was a slice of dark chocolate, a cedar scented candle and a weighted blanket.

If you don’t want to reflect on last year.

If you don’t want to plan for next year.

I get it.

I’ve been there.

If you’re in that place, it can be a very good space to hang out in.

Over-reflecting can be exhausting.

Over-analyzing can create anxiety.

Over-planning can lead to rigid living.

The truth is, all we really have is today.

This moment is the most precious.

Let yourself look at the small things.

What feels aligned today?

Do more of that.

What doesn’t feel aligned today?

Do less of that.

Plan when planning makes sense.

Dream when dreaming feels right.

Not because the calendar is about to change.

Another way to live a life you love is to live each day aligned, one day at a time.

Let your days feel like a miracle instead of something to be managed.

Here’s to not getting lost in the expectations of anything.

As long as your heart hasn’t forgotten how to beat, it’s not too late to go your own way.