and a way to deepen into yours

Last weekend, I gathered with a verrry generous handful of good humans for Fresh Start.

Together, we reflected on what we had been through and who we had become. 

We released what was no longer supporting us and redesigned what’s next.

“Fresh Start was amazing! So many great insights and so exciting to lay everything out clearly about where I am going, thanks so much!”
~ overheard in Fresh Start

One of my favourite Fresh Start questions for clarifying who I want to be and how I want to live is – what are you growing weary of?

Feeling the weight of the world as you juggle all the things.

Keeping your head down, hoping it will all blow over soon.

Feeling entrenched in an identity you’ve outgrown.

Feeling pushed around by life’s circumstances.

Hustling to meet the expectations.

The divisiveness of the zeitgeist.

Working to please and perform.

Overscheduling to exhaustion.

When I asked myself this question in Fresh Start one thing rose to the tip top.

I have grown weary of making things happen, I no longer want to manage life.

I want to take the leap of faith, roll the dice, speak the truth, go all in.

I want to trust that what is meant for me doesn’t need to be managed.

I want to choose …

… purpose over pleasing

… energy over ego

… flow over force

… love over fear

What all this means is I’m swapping making things happen and managing life for MAGIC.

Here are the lines that are guiding me into my year of magic.

“Don’t waste your magic.”

I’m going for discerning interdependence.

Love isn’t limited, but time is.

What you give your heart to, you give your time to.

What you give your time to, you give your life to.  

“Everyday holds new magic.”

Courage over comfort.

Taking leaps, risks, and chances.

The fear of the unknown isn’t a good enough reason to not do it.

I’m going to declare my desires and trust the magic of life is conspiring to support me.

“How can I make this moment magical?”

Obvious and outrageous expressions of affection.

The people I love?  We are going to make epic memories.

My clients? They will know they are appreciated.

Our customers? We’re going to surprise and delight them.

You are the author of your life; you get to write the story you want to read.

What are the lines that will lead you into the life you love?