fun facts

Every year I host an event to celebrate life and help make living easier for folks across the world by raising money for charity: water. So far we’ve helped 1307 people in Nepal, Uguanda, Mali and Ethioipa access clean fresh water.

Once upon a time I sold everything I owned, moved into a 25 year old van with my family and went on a 100 city book tour to explore the question how do you live a life you love and add love to the world?

A few of my favourite things are orchids, matcha tea, luxury chocolate, and mala beads.

I read a book a week for ten years. You could say I’m obsessed.

I birth my babies at home and unintentionally alone. My hands were the first they felt; my voice was the first thing they heard.

I’m an empath {or highly sensitive person or clairsentient }, it used to feel like a terrible burden because it made me feel like I was broken. It doesn’t anymore. Now it drives me to feel deeply and love fiercely.

I think Mister Rogers had it right.

I stand in awe of people; with all the pain and passion and suffering and strength and loss and love we survive and thrive. It blows my mind {in a really good way}.

The brutality and the beauty in the world inspires me to do what I do.

I left home at age 16 to live and travel through England, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Spain, and Belgium.

I crewed a Tall Ship from Bermuda to South Carolina. I was too scared to climb the rigging and scuffle across the yard to drop the sails so instead I was the cook.

I worked in Guyana doing AIDS research, developing a literacy program, and working on infrastructure projects.

I bummed on the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago for three months while trying to figure out what to do with my life.

I had a near death experience while scuba diving and suffered from decompression sickness for days.

I’m on a mission to write 10,000 love letters. My favourite fountain pen is my gold Lamy beauty.

I hiked the West Coast Trail, alone, with a stupidly overpacked backpack (50lbs!).

My bucket list contains many more adventures. Like this, this, this, this, and this. Oh. And this.

I think showing up for ourselves and others in a way that deeply matters is the only way to successfully navigate through the adventure of life.

I hope to live freely, explore wildly, and love deeply.