what’s strange and crazy can also be soulful and true

Sometimes the soul asks us to do strange things.

Climbing into a 25-year-old van with my kids {and occasionally, my ex-husband} to go on a 100 city North American book tour could be called strange. Or crazy.

Despite the crazy factor, I know I am living the life that wants to be lived.

We are divorced and devoted to what matters – living lives we love, adding love to the world, and showing our Suns how bright life can be {even when there’s darkness}.

This is something I never thought I’d do.
It’s something I’ve never seen anyone else do.

I know it might not work out the way I want it to.
And, I know seeing if it will, might just be the greatest adventure ever.

Wondering about the great life adventure?

Our first stop is Mexico, we’re going to spend a few months filming videos and polishing the processes for the 2017 round of My Great Life.

After the My Great Life online program is golden, the tour will begin in January, 2017. We’ll head across the southern United States, move up the east coast, across Canada and down the west coast of the United States.

Along the way I’ll be working one-on-one with people via phone, signing books, collaborating with fabulous people to create remarkable events, gathering like-minded people for Great Life dinner parties, and diving deep with individuals for private full-day intensives.

In January 2018, we’ll pop down to Mexico for a Great Life Retreat {you’re invited!}.

The intention of the trip is to inspire and support people to live lives they love and add love to the world.

When I lean into the vision of this project, I am overjoyed. I am also afraid.

Afraid of failure.
Afraid of the unknown.
Afraid of the million things that are outside of my control.

As my fingers fly across the keyboard, I can feel fear griping my chest and clouding my mind.

Sometimes I get stuck in the question … how?  

And in the next beat of my heart, I remember I don’t need to know how, because I know why.

Even though, at times, it’s hard to breathe and difficult to see; I know this is what’s true and real for me.

I know, on this adventure, there will be moments of awesome and moments of awful. And, I plan to share it all with you {pop your info in here to make sure you don’t miss the stories}.

A few months ago, I was tucked into a corner table at a funky coffee shop, sipping matcha with a friend. I revealed the Great Life Tour to her and told her I wanted to document the whole experience and share it with others.

Stunned, she asked why do you share what you share?

I guess I’m just trying to leave a trail so, if people want to, they can see how I struggled, fought, lived, and loved.

I want to be real about the pain, open about the darkness, transparent about the joy, and ultimately; I want people to know whole damn journey was beautiful.

I don’t know exactly what this adventure will look like, but I trust what truth feels like.

So, I’m leaning into the light.
Because my soul wants to.
Because that’s what love does.

And, my loyalty is to Love.


Stefan Makwana captured the light.