how are you doing these days?

coping skills for loved-based living

How are you coping these days?

Many people are waking up in the night, thinking about the hard things that are happening in the world. 

At times like this, it’s important to affirm our belief in the love that’s available in the midst of all the fear.

When we are swimming in so much uncertainty, we can turn to expanding our capacity and strengthening our coping skills. 

Focus on creating a solid place to land, a place where you can catch your breath, arrive in the present, settle into softer possibilities, and find the shelter of shared values.

There are things that are deeply good and right.
Ways we can give ourselves to Life in a loving way.

Here are twenty healthy ways to cope with the hard things that are happening.

1. Create a self-soothing box full of things that bring you comfort

2. Make a list of your choices in a situation

3. Whisper a benediction: may we all know love

4. Establish a healthy boundary

5. Sip a cup of tea for twenty minutes (focusing completely on the tea)

6. Create a collage of words and quotes that ground you in love

7. Put on lotion that smells good

8. Float in a body of water (pool, lake, ocean, etc.)

9. Look at landscape photos that help you feel relaxed

10.  Role play the challenging situation with others

11.  Name the sensations in your body

12.  Write a list of your strengths and reflect on how you can use them

13.  Get involved in a cause that’s meaningful to you

14.  Study the sky

15.  Accept compliments when they are given

16.  Connect to your five senses by naming things you see, feel, taste, touch, and smell

17.  Take responsibility for your part of a problem

18.  Think of all the people who care about you

19.  Take turns reading jokes with someone

20.  Pivot your perspective from fear to love

Every choice we make designs our future.

Practice coming home to Love.