how to know when it’s time to change

and find your home

I’m making some changes in my work (and life) and I’ve decided to share personal details of my process with you, in case there’s an area of your life that you’re ready to make a change in too. 

I believe in supporting people to show up as their full self so they can live a life they love and add love to life. Part of embodying that calling is to be transparent about my journey and what I’m learning along the way.

Sometimes, navigating massive change is tricky because we need to update our identity, in addition to managing the logistics.

Here’s a bit about my process and the changes that are coming …

My old identity was a busy bee who could pull off twelve hour days five days a week (while working on weekends too). I loved my hustle and grind mentality and identified with being a passionate hard-worker. 

And while that worked, for a time, it’s no longer working.

I absolutely love what I do (I am also, for sure, a recovering workaholic). I have a passion for psychology and supporting others that pushes me to throw myself deep into my work in a mission-driven way. 

But, after having danced on the edge of burnout in 2020, I know my mind and body are telling me how I was working is not sustainable. 

I have to be responsible for knowing, so I am exploring how to take care of myself while supporting as many people as possible, so I can show up fully and do what I love to do for the rest of my life.

The more that we can be attuned to our inner knowing, trust it, and follow the truths, the easier life is. When we can listen to our ‘sacred yes and honouring no’, we can wake up each morning knowing we are in integrity with ourselves. 

Ultimately, you know what is true and best for you. 

You can trust yourself and your process.

I’ve redesigned my life and my work and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the place that feels like home for you.

If you are looking for community and courses to support you in living a life you love, you’ll find a place for you at To Love This Life

If you are looking for a nine-month journey to support you from moving from love into fear, here are all the details.

If you are a leader or entrepreneur and are looking for specialized support that goes beyond coaching, head this way

If you are interested in bringing psychology keynotes or workshops to your company to support mental health, I have a handful of options for you here

If you are looking for deep therapeutic support in Alberta, you can check out my one-on-one psychology work or therapeutic retreats right here

More than anything, I hope all these changes inspire you to look at the places in your life that are asking for a little refinement.

Nothing feels better than living in alignment with the life you love and in integrity with your true self.