my theme for now + things I don’t know

At the great life redesign retreat we choose a word, theme, or statement to guide us through the year. My theme for 2015 is —

life freely
love deeply
explore wildly

I’ve created intentions and goals around this theme but the truth is, I don’t know how my theme for this year will unfold.

Life is uncertain.

Because we’re human we try to create stability, certainty, and predictability.

When we construct our lives around the expectation of certainty we slowly lock ourselves in – this is who I am, this is what I believe, this is what I want, this is my goal, this is my future.

If we don’t create space for the possibility of evolution in our declarations and desires we trap ourselves in a life that feels like a prison.

In order to be free we must infuse our declarations and desires with soulful flexibility.

Who you are in the present is different than who you were in the past.
Who you will be in the future is different than who you are in the present.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set goals, just be sure to add a dash of soul to your plan by creating space for new insights, deeper wisdom, and shifting desires.

Be willing to change course when needed.

There is freedom in uncertainty.
Embrace the unknown.

Declaring a lack of knowing can be a profound act of liberation. It opens us up to exploration, adventure, and possibility thinking. It creates space for magic and miracles. 

Three things I don’t know are …

I don’t know how much more freely I can live.
I don’t know how much more deeply I can love.
I don’t know how much more wildly I can explore.

Here’s what I do know: when I declare I don’t know I feel myself light up with curiosity and excitement.

What declaration of I don’t know are you willing to make in order to add more liberation and love into your life?

Photo credit : Kelly Hofer caught the love