Burnout? I was almost there.

Here’s what I did

Recently, I was on the edge of burnout. 

Did you feel it too? 

Overwhelmed. Exhausted. 

It was harder to cope with stress. 

The joy was sapped out of life. 

Anyone who’s continually exposed to high levels of stress can experience burnout. 

And, I mean, who doesn’t that apply to over the past eighteen months?

It was tempting to ignore the symptoms (exhaustion, isolation, escape fantasies, irritability, fatigue, forgetfulness, sleep issues, unhealthy coping strategies) and to push through them. 

But, I’ve witnessed what happens when we don’t listen to the inner nudge that tells us something needs to change (soon enough, we slam into a wall that can’t be ignored). 

So, I took some time off during my birthday month to reflect on the changes I needed to make to avoid sliding down that slippery slope (if you’d like to hear more about how I avoided hitting the neurological crisis of full burnout, hit reply and let me know). 

Big insights dropped in. 

First, it’s time for me to take some of my own medicine and follow the advice I often offer others (more on that soon). 

Second, I’m longing to do more creative work (write another book! start a podcast!).

Third, I believe strongly in the importance of community and the power of healing in a group (especially after the epidemic of loneliness that has hit so many people this year). While one-on-one work is deeply essential, I’ve experienced something precious and remarkable in the groups I’ve been facilitating (if you’d like to be kept in the loop about future groups, you can hop on the waitlist here). 

Since April, I have been quietly making changes behind the scenes to align with these three insights. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the mountain of changes I’ve been quietly working on behind the scenes. We’re coming out with all kinds of wonderful ways to support your mindset and mental health. 

I know many of you have worked with me before, some of you have read my book and some of you stumbled upon me in some other magical-tangle-of-interweb-links kinda way.

No matter how you arrive, I’m so happy you are here.