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Weekend Intensives

Michael HartHave you ever been to an event and met an amazing presenter and thought to yourself, damn if I had found this person 10 years ago, I could have worked with her 1-on-1? It would have been reasonably priced AND I would already be rockin’ my life right now!

Of course, now the star presenter only does big events with thousands of people. And you would literally have to pay like $200,000 to be their ‘personal’ client.

I’m talking about people like Byron Katie or Tony Robbins, people that can consistently deliver deep and powerful transformations to their clients. It seems almost magical how they weave together all of their insight and wisdom and deliver it in a way that touches their client’s deepest essence, their soul.

I can tell you with certainty, Gemma Stone taps into that same magic. She is able to ask exactly the right question to open you up and find the elusive root cause of what has been tripping you up. And she does it with a level of love and deep connectedness that I have never seen before. If you believe in miracles and you’re ready for one in your life, get to one of her events, soon.

And if you want to work 1-on-1 with Gemma, do it now because if Byron Katie and Tony Robbins are any clue, she will not be working 1-on-1 for very long.

~ Michael Hart, retreat participant