how to choose a word for the year

I have a dozens of soulful strategies I use to help me live a life I love; they are woven together like an intricate golden tapestry.

Rituals to support the changes I want to make.
A theme for the season of my life.
Goals grounded in intention.

When dreams are flying around like a kaleidoscope of butterflies and I feel overwhelmed by opportunity, my word for the year shows me which one to follow.

When the chaos of life is swirling around me like a dust devil and I can’t see which way to go, my work for the year that helps me find my way out.

You don’t necessarily need a new gym membership, a better day planer, a more robust to-do list, a fat bankroll, or a team of professionals to live your great life this year.

Maybe all you need is a word to help you find your way.


Here’s how.


Get a pen and paper and devote some quiet time to exploring your truth.


Reflect on these questions

  • What matters most to you this year?
  • What is your soul craving for 2016?
  • What are the qualities of your life you’d like to cultivate?
  • What are the changes you’d like to make?
  • What would you like to experience more of?
  • What would you like to experience less of?
  • What would you like to stay steady in?
  • What’s the common feeling or theme in all your goals?


Circle the words are appear most often.
Cross off the ones that don’t resonate.
One word will emerge.
Let it float to the surface.


Roll your word around in your heart.
Explore the corners of it with your mind.
Imagine what it would be like to let this word guide your soul.

Choose wisely.
Words are powerful.

2015 was my year of Sovereignty and it was intense.
Liberation. Depth. Darkness. Power.

2016 will be different.
Clarity. Brightness. Radiance. Glow.

My word for the year is Luminosity.

In astronomy, luminosity is the brightness of a star when compared to the sun.
My mama tells me I was named after the brightest star in the constellation, the Tiara.
This year, I’m stepping into my essence.