how will you rise from this time?

As I emerge from my birthday season (a month of deep reflection and transformation – more on that soon), I’ve been thinking about how we will all rise from this time.

What will it be like for us to emerge from pandemic life?

Every crisis I have encountered in my life has been a turning point.

When I compare life before and after the hard thing, I always become clearer and stronger.

Sometimes, rawer.
Always, truer.

But first, the crisis has to be navigated.

When we are in the throes of chaos and challenge it’s hard to find meaning.Instead, we cope.

We put one foot in front of the other.
We focus on the next thing we need to do to survive.

It’s often accompanied by loss.
Loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, an identity. 
Loss of control, possibility, future-self vision, or sense of safety.

This is where we’ve been.

We’re slowly slowly moving to a new place. 
To the land of in-between.  

Once the struggle subsides, only then can we expand our awareness and reflect on who we’ve become as we survived the crisis.

The in-between time usually isn’t easy.
Sometimes there’s trauma to process.
There’s always grief to unravel. 

I know you might not feel like you’re on the other side.  

Many of us are still locked down and very afraid.
Many of us are struggling with uncertainty about the future.  
Many of us are in the heartbreak of shattered relationships.
Many of us are sorting through the shambles of crumbled businesses.  
Many of us are overwhelmed with juggling working and schooling from home.

I know it’s not over yet.

But, as we continue to move towards the emergence from pandemic life, I’d like to support you with some tools to move from crisis into meaning-making.

In the next few Sunday Love letters, I’ll be sharing heart-thoughts and science-strategies for emerging from this time in a way that supports your mind, body, relationships, and life. 

Still with you.