35 lines for my 35th year

To wrap my 32nd year, I wrote 32 lines.
Then I did it again for my 33rd year.
And, predictably, 34 lines last year.

Here are 35 lines to wrap up my 35th year.

There are a lot of ways to add love to the world.
And there is lots of love in the world.

When I declared my word for the year.
I never imagined Intimacy
Would be so shocking.
And scary.
And sweet.

Even when it feels like it, life is not in pieces, life is the pieces.

If you don’t know what do.
Rise up and double down, on Love.
When they go low, we go high, right mama?

As always, some things change.
But, what matters most stays the same.

I’m learning to love the wild and quiet unknown.
And swimming with sharks with my sister.
And releasing baby sea turtles with the Suns.
And, sometimes you just have to go to Vegas alone and paint your toenails red.

I want to spend my life writing.
There’s another book coming.
In the form of 100,000 words
of Devotion.
For a single letter.

Matcha in organic dark chocolate!
How can indulgence get any better, really?
Unless, of course, your favourite pen company releases something in … GOLD!

This is my life.
As far as I know, it’s my only one.
I want to experience every great thing I can.

Even if it doesn’t turn out as planned.
Because I don’t believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.
So, I’m not.

But, it’s important to breath light into the space between the cracks.
Because even without regret, the shattering of a dream still hurts.

A lot can be lost in the fire.
But, even more can be found in the ashes.