read this when you are feeling burnt out

Earlier this year, I forgot my power.It’s understandable, I mean … 2020. It was one of those things I didn’t notice at first, a slow leak that quietly caused my power to seep away until I was completely flat. My eyes lost their shine.I was less present with the Suns.I stopped breaking out into song […]

eight practices for coping during challenging times

Let’s take a big belly breath together, shall we? The pulse of anxiety on the planet feels palpable these days. I am obsessed with how tragedy can turn us onto our truest selves, how it helps us live a life we love and clarifies how we want to add love to the world.   Regardless of […]

why ‘hurt people, hurt people’ isn’t enough

This is a wild time for relationships. I’ve been helping my clients navigate intense friendships, crumbling business alliances, spicy romantic partnerships, parenting snafus, aggressive run-ins with strangers and everything in between. It makes sense that the most complex aspect of being human is getting stirred up right now. Because we are living in a field […]

self care during a pandemic

Self-care is important anytime. It’s even more important during the strange and stressful time we find ourselves in now. Take this time to give yourself the energy, attention, time, and care that you are worthy of. To prevent us from sliding into a dark place as one day melts into another, I wanted to share […]

working from home during a pandemic

Many of you have found yourself, unexpectedly, thrust into working from home. I know adjusting to working from home can be challenging, especially at a time when the world feels chaotic. Anxiety and apprehension is a normal response at a time like this. The learning curve is steep and adjusting to rapid change is a […]

homeschooling during a pandemic

While it is true, many of us are homeschooling. What is even truer is that many of us are at home, trying to work and learn under extraordinary circumstances in the midst of a global crisis. There’s a reason people don’t voluntarily sign up to work full time, homeschool full time, and parent full time. […]

healthy habits during a pandemic

There’s so much we can’t control.Sometimes, things happen despite our best efforts for them not to. We can’t do everything right. A pandemic is no time for perfection. But, we can do what we can do to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. When we focus on what we can control, we do better. Before […]

how to support kids during a pandemic

Our little ones are experiencing some big changes right now. At times like these, it’s natural to want to protect our kids. Here are a few ways to protect your children’s mental health : be communicative When kids are kept in the dark, they worry. Our kids are perceptive, intuitive and more informed than we […]

support during hard times

I made a 16 minute comfort meditation for you. It’s meant to be a quick balm that can be applied when hard things are happening or when you need a break from the difficulty that’s going down –

if you’re self-sabotaging…

Why do we sabotage ourselves? What makes us choose self-defeating behaviors that directly contradict our values and greatest desires? There are a few reasons, but I’ve noticed that a lot of us tend to resist accepting one specific explanation for self-sabotage: a lack of worthiness. Does this sound like a strange connection? Here’s how self-sabotage […]

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